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4 Things You Must Know About Lead Generation Landing Page

lead generation landing page

How to get leads and how to productively treat them have always been significant issues for marketers. An appropriately-created lead generation landing page is our answer to the first issue; targeted email marketing is the answer to the second.

How do you create an effective landing page that converts? We asked Maksim Ploskonosov (from LPgenerator, the biggest lead generator in Russia) and received excellent ideas on expanding email lists.

1. What is the most effective way of guiding customers to a lead generation landing page?

One of the most effective ways to do this is to create a community within your social networks and blogs. Provide useful content and carry out activities (contests, surveys, etc.) to engage with your audience. This will help you to create a loyal audience and guide its members to your landing page for collecting fresh leads.

Of course, creating a loyal community may take some time and time is money. There are faster methods for attracting visitors to your landing page, for example, contextual advertising and targeting within social networks.

Once you have attracted enough visitors, you need to get into the “trust zone” of your freshly generated leads via targeted email newsletters.

2. What should marketers include in a landing page to make it engaging?

An effective lead generation landing page is one that best suits the character of your target audience. When browsing a landing page, visitors must find something they can relate to. Consider your offers carefully and remember that building trust is one of the most important aspects for attracting an audience. If customers trust you, they will provide you with their email addresses.

Of course, a high-quality landing page template design is also important. Choose a landing page theme that best fits your business.

3. What are the most common mistakes marketers make when creating landing pages?

There are two critical mistakes marketers often make when creating lead generation landing pages.

  • Lack of research in getting to know their target audience and therefore an irrelevant header.
  • Blurred vision in terms of where to get traffic. Before you create a landing page, have a clear plan of where your leads will come from.

4. What is the role of mobile communications when we talk about landing pages?

Today, the mobile landing page is crucial for generating leads. Ever more people browse the Internet using their smartphones. Even at home, they use tablets instead of desktop computers. Previously-used bulky sites are no longer effective. Responsive design is a must. Apply the “one-touch principle” for your mobile landing page to make it easy for users to sign up on a tablet or a phone.

Thank you, Maksim, for your expertise!

Returns from email marketing are highly dependent on effective email list management, while a landing page is an effective tool for collecting a database. A carefully designed landing page will ensure that visitors sign up and are ready for further engagement. Use Maksim’s above tips to create an effective landing page, reach a larger audience, avoid mistakes in communication and expand your business.

Marketers, follow our blog interviews with email marketing experts to receive useful tips and best practices for your email marketing campaigns.

4 Things You Must Know About Lead Generation Landing Page
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