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5 Expert Ideas on Integrated Email Marketing

Integrated marketing

Send an email newsletter, have a quick look at reports and forget about email marketing until the next month? Sounds like an old-fashioned scenario that just simply doesn’t work anymore. Today’s marketers are looking for integrated email marketing ideas to connect it with their marketing strategy.

How do you integrate email marketing into your business lifecycle? Five world-renown email marketing experts shared their expertise and experience on integrated email marketing at Summer Lab 2014, the integrated marketing conference, held in Riga July 16.

The strategy is to start with, not finish

“Marketers often start to think about an email marketing strategy only when their occasionally sent emails haven’t brought the expected result,” said Andris Zigurs, Head of Sales at Mailigen.

Strategy is something to start with, not finish. Do you need to implement a database growth strategy or list segmentation? Should you integrate email marketing with social media, online surveys or SMS marketing? A company which has just started its path to customers will have different goals than the business which has been out there for decades.

Create a strategy that fits your business needs and plan your email campaigns ahead. Make use of our Email Marketing Campaign Planner to make it much easier.

Put an email piece in your marketing puzzle

“The best way to create relationships is meeting face to face. You cannot really do that via email but you can definitely improve and strengthen relationships with your audience via email,” said Sergei Mitrofanov, a branding expert from Brandflight, Russia.

Email marketing is a stepping stone on your way to successful integrated marketing. Integrated with social media, events, mobile or other marketing methods, email is crucial to move your business lifecycle on.

Just a small remark! When creating an integrated marketing strategy with all the great channels, do not over complicate the message itself. Whatever the channels, methods or strategies, leave the message simple, clean and straightforward.

Nail your email focus and clarity

The clarity of a message and a strong call to action were particularly discussed at the conference by Kriss Boritis, International Account Manager at Mailigen. He pointed out two main ideas on how to better optimize your email campaigns.

  • Keep your email focused! Promote one or some products in your email campaign instead of a too wide product range. This will help to get a better ROI.
  • Call to action undoubtedly! Whether you want your subscriber to buy something, sign up or share your content – make it clear what you want them to do after reading your newsletter.

Consider your customer behavior

“What do our customers want? We can guess. We can ask. But the most effective way to find out their needs and wants is to look at their behavior,” said Tim Watson, the main speaker at Summer Lab 2014, a member of the Direct Marketing Association and founder of Zettasphere, United Kingdom.

Behavioral marketing is now on top. No other marketing tactic can deliver better results than sending the right message to the right person at the right time. And regularly. Here a question emerged at the conference. How often should marketers send email campaigns? “One a day or once a month – it doesn’t matter as long as you bring value to your recipients via emails,” was Tim’s answer.

Close the deal on your landing page

Email is not the finish line. It is one of the first steps to guide your customer towards a purchase, registration, review or other action. The next step is a website or a specially created landing page.

The biggest lead generator in Russia, Maxim Ploskonosov, LPgenerator, shared his expertise on email integration with landing pages:

  • Create a landing page as a part of the whole integrated marketing strategy by using the same design, text and other elements as used in emails.
  • Focus on the main goal for your landing page – a motivating call to action that finishes the communication cycle.

To sum up with integrated email marketing

Integrated email marketing is one of the most effective ways to maintain loyal and productive relationships with your customers. Integrated into the company’s overall marketing plan, email campaign management may considerably increase your business revenue. Follow the expert tips and start with a well thought out strategy, continue with a straightforward email campaign that calls to action and finishes with an appropriate landing page. We hope that the expert’s ideas on successful integrated email marketing will serve as an inspiration for more effective campaigns in the future.

5 Expert Ideas on Integrated Email Marketing
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