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5 Reasons Mobile SMS Marketing Is Worth It

When everybody is talking about smartpones, applications and mobile internet, it may seem that mobile SMS marketing is somewhat secondary. But actually, rise of smartpones stimulates the usage and reach with mobile devices.

If people spend more time on mobile devices browsing internet, social networking, reading emails and other activities, it means they are also more reachable by text messages. Global mobile statistics at mobiThinking show that only approximately 25% of the global mobile subscribers have 3G/4G subscription, which means that almost 3/4 of them, apart from call, are reachable only by SMS.

Great news for you, marketers! In response to the rapid growth of mobile marketing, we have decreased prices for Mailigen SMS. With the average price decline of 50%, we are here to stimulate mobile marketing mix with email marketing. Here are five reasons why text message marketing is worth it.

1. Extremely high open rate

Text message marketing ensures extremely high open rate. Usually, we open and read all messages we receive that’s why open rate can reach up to 100%.  mobile SMS marketing is a perfect tool for marketers not only to inform their terget audience but also to be sure they really got the information. Use it for important news!

2. Easy to engage with readers

With the rise of smartphones, text messaging is even more helpful for marketers. Unlike regular cell phones, smartphones ensure we see the beginnng of the message before we even open it. Think thoroughly about engaging first words of your message to motivate people read it completely!

3. Message exactly in time

As mobile phone is something always with us, usually we open and read a received text message within an hour. It means that with mobile SMS marketing you can precisely calculate the time when the information will be read by your audience. Profit from SMS marketing when exact time matters, for example, promoting the end of sales or another promo campaign!

4. Save time for everybody

The best about text messaging is that it is short and precise. Perfect for both receivers and marketers. People living busy lives will appreciate concise information. And marketrs will also be winners – to prepare an SMS campaign, you will need less time than preparing any other marketing compaing.

5. Easy to integrate with other marketing methods

You can easily integrate text messaging with other marketing methods to create one common strategy. Mailigen offers unique integrated marketing platform combining email, social and mobile marketing features. For example, Mailigen allows synching email lists with SMS lists in order to send common campaigns or segment contacts simultaneously.

Last thought

We are sure 2013 will be a year of opportunies in the mobile marketing field. According to the survey released in 2012 by the UK Direct Marketing Association (DMA), SMS with 33% is the most popular method of receiving mobile offers among American consumers, ahead of mobile applications, voicemail etc. And especially now, when bulk SMS prices have decreased by a half, mobile marketing will be more affordable to be included it in this year’s marketing strategy.

Let us know how you are practicing mobile SMS marketing. If you need our advice on how to integrate email with mobile marketing, contact out team!

5 Reasons Mobile SMS Marketing Is Worth It
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