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7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Email Marketing Automation

Wouldn’t it be nice if your email campaigns ran themselves? Using email marketing automation effectively can get you close. With proper planning and implementation, email automation can help eliminate tedious and mundane tasks, cutting time and cost. Automated emails are timely, relevant and personal; therefore they are opened and clicked much more and drive visits and revenue for your business.

7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Email Marketing Automation

You have probably been hearing the terms “marketing automation” and “email drip campaigns” a lot recently. With 74% of all online adults preferring email as their method of commercial communication, it makes sense to be persistent in communicating using this medium.

What is email marketing automation?

Email marketing automation is the process of sending automated emails to your subscribers. The sending process is triggered by a time you input or an action that your subscriber goes through (such as signing up for a giveaway).

Why do you need email marketing automation software for your business?

Here are some great pointers for automating your email campaigns.

1. Show Personal Care to Your Audience

The term “automation” sounds a bit impersonal and robotic. However, it represents quite the opposite. Email marketing automation lets you stay in touch with your audience 24/7, sending relevant messages right on time.

Imagine a situation: a subscriber has just converted from a free user into a paying customer. Emailing them soon after would increase your chances of building a long-lasting relationship with this customer. However, this customer lives in another time zone and you cannot answer them while you are out of office or even asleep. This is where automation drip campaigns step into the spotlight. All you have to do is pre-write messages and automated campaigns will automatically “drip” information and follow-ups to your prospects over time.

It sometimes takes 10, 15, or even 20 follow-up messages for prospects to become first-time customers, depending on your product and how much it sells for. Consistently staying in contact is important and can be done effectively thanks to email marketing automation.

Automation lets you easily organize your contacts and segment lists to really focus on clients who are generating sales for your business. As soon as a field value changes, the customer moves to another segment and you can target them in a more relevant way.

Automation also allows you to get familiar with your target audiences (or buyer personas) and talk to them much more personally. You don’t want to send duplicative messages to the same audience at once. Automated workflows allow you to target a segment of clients, perhaps by demographics or geographic location to convey a specific message.

Email automation paths

2. Save Oceans of Time

Who doesn’t love saving time? Nowadays we are doing it in countless ways and everywhere we go. When it comes to growing your productivity, why not automate as much of the work as you possibly can to make your life easier? It’s more important you spend your email marketing time on creating great content and developing new products or services than the mechanics of sending the message.

After you build the automation it unfolds by itself and you can spend your time on other things. All you need to do is monitor your campaigns time after time, analyze reports and review the emails that are not bringing the desired results. Don’t forget to optimize your campaigns by A/B testing.

Mailigen automation platform also offers a Random Split option – an A/B testing feature inside the Automation builder; only it’s even better because it lets you determine the percentage of recipients that will get each email version. This lets you perform tests risking less, and it can also be used in various contests to determine a specific percentage of lucky subscribers.

3. Grow Your Revenue Faster

When combined with a powerful sales funnel, email marketing automation can show outstanding results. By tracking your your click-through rates and other actions subscribers take, your sales team can save time by picking the most interested and engaged leads and generate sales more easily.

Acquiring new leads can be a very difficult and expensive process. In fact, it is much easier and cheaper to make an existing customer purchase more. It is no surprise that most marketers are interested in upselling, in other words – getting their users to buy more products more often. This is easier to do with a behavior-based automation series that suggests to buy more products that correspond to each customer’s purchase behavior.

You may have seen how Ebay and Amazon are doing this by sending you similar products to the ones you already purchased. This is a great example of automation that is determined by customer’s purchase history.

Example of Ebay's automated email

4. Better Organize Your Work

Often, the best way to organize your campaigns is to start by creating a marketing calendar. This way you can step back and really look at everything you have going on and examine the big picture. Automation is a great help for any planning enthusiast because it let’s you stick to the plan even when you are busy doing other things. Just prepare and schedule the content and the campaign will work itself out.

By setting delays for sending your automated emails you are in full control of when your customers will receive your messages. Mailigen system also lets you pick which days, time and time zone for your automated campaigns:

Setting preferences of email automation in Mailigen

5. Make the Most of Internal Resources

Pre-writing messages and then scheduling the drip cycle means less day-to-day management on your part. Email marketing automation also reduces the need for outsourcing as many software providers offer blueprints, pre-designed templates and content ideas.

Automation is cost-effective as it lets you use your team and leverage your internal resources. If you compare email automation costs to those associated with sending emails and dealing with your lead nurturing manually, automation campaigns can save you labor, content and design costs, and much more.

6. Create a Strong Personality for Your Brand

Email marketing automation opens up a myriad of communication possibilities to any business or organization. It turns email into a super powerful channel that conveys your company values in a more obvious way. Automation helps you craft better emails that speak in the voice of your brand and reinforce your values. If you are looking for ways to turn your company into a brand with an authentic story, download our Brand Story Guide and learn how to add emotional resonance and priceless value for your products and services.

Email marketing automation also keeps your business top of mind. It lets you constantly keep in touch with your customers making them think of you more often. Use the trigger “Subscribed or is included in segment” to address your audience as soon as someone signs up for your newsletter or an online promotion. Or choose trigger “Specific date occurs” to congratulate your customers on their Birthdays or Subscription anniversaries, like Ebay are doing it:
Example Ebay's Happy anniversary email

7. Measure Your Results (And Make Changes) Easier

Which emails were opened? Which emails generated clicks and responses? Which generated purchases? Which parts of your emails need to be improved in order to scale? Email marketing tools allow for you to monitor who is opening what, which emails “bounce”, and to track all email activity for Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) .

Analyzing your data is the only way to know if your automation is working well and where improvements can be made. If you have a Google Analytics integrated account, you can automatically see where your leads come from, how they converted and learn their purchase behavior.

Your email marketing analytics can also teach you a great deal about your subscribers’ behavior by showing you the content they are most interested in. In other words, analytics let you evaluate what content attracts people to your products or services, which converts them to leads, and what convinces them to buy. Evaluate your marketing performance, adjust your future initiatives and reach your goals in a more cost-effective and time-saving way!

How to automate email marketing – Best practices

There are many things you can do to create successful email marketing campaigns. In case this article inspired you to give email automation a go, here are a few methods to make it happen:

  • Setting up triggered emails (such as Welcome emails, onboarding process, getting started with your product or service, etc.)
  • Utilizing drip-feed emails (deliver sequential emails according to your preferred timeframe as described above)
  • Segmenting your subscribers to personalize your messages
  • Creating tailor-made landing pages that your audience can identify with.

Learn more about Email Marketing automation by reading our beginner’s guide.


Email marketing automation can make a large impact on your campaign without day to day campaign management from you. While it requires costs, it also gives benefits that make it possible for you to cut expenses in other areas. Automation is no longer a luxury that only big businesses can afford. There are plenty of affordable options for companies of any size looking to create entire automated campaigns and generate leadsexplore which plan would suit your needs best.

7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Email Marketing Automation
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    Thank you Brooke, I’m very glad you found it useful. Will keep working on valuable and practical pieces.

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    Of course now it’s very dificult to work without e-mail, besides the spam that comes to the mail is very difficult, and it takes a lot of time, and all because of poor optimization, take advantage of excellent service ( )

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