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Announcing our Zapier Integration

Mailigen got even easier to use today. We are pleased to announce Mailigen is now part of the Zapier Developer Platform. Integrating with Zapier allows you to push your account data in and out of more than 60 different online services. Using Zapier, you can choose how Mailigen communicates with your online footprint.

Why Zapier?

We couldn’t put it any better than the Zapier founders who say

Syncing data on the web has always been a pain. Either you did it by hand or you buckled down and built it yourself with an API. If you weren’t technical you had few places to turn for help. That’s why we built Zapier.

Zapier was created specifically for people who want a simple way to synch web apps without coding.

Mailigen supports Zapier “triggers” and “actions”. Mailigen recognized the need for a simple ability for you to sync contacts and email addresses between apps and Mailigen without having to write code. Using a combination of a trigger and an action, the Mailigen integration allows customers to drag and drop data and create an action. Actions can be easily customized and include simple list management to more complex CRM actions. Using this integration you can:

  • Easily add new newsletter subscribers from your Mailigen lists to your CRM lead database to use list information further down the sales cycle
  • Add new customers from your eCommerce platform to Mailigen based on your order history
  • Get email address from your ticket system or web form plugins directly into your Mailigen account
  • Manage simple actions such as list management

The integration is part of the Mailigen strategy to continuously simplify the marketing process. Please check out our profile on the Zapier Developer Network. Think it sounds cool but need some help getting started? We are always here to help, so contact us or leave a comment below.

Announcing our Zapier Integration
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