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Be cool, don’t SPAM


The definition of email spam is “Unsolicited commercial email”. As an email user, you will encounter less and less email spam because most, if not all, internet service providers (ISPs) and email service providers (ESPs) are well aware that these email spam messages became such a threat to all the users as well as their own servers. So  – don’t spam in your emails!

Let’s talk about email SPAM a little bit more.

It is obvious that spam email messages are unsolicited. This is because you have never allowed the sender to send any message to your inbox. You are not familiar with the senders and most of all you do not want to be familiar with them. They are unknown to you, but surely, they keep on sending their email to you every day without asking you for permission. Spammers know that if their email messages are exposed to, let’s say, one million people in just one click. They would have more chance to sell their product through this channel. Though, you might wonder, how can this possibly be harmful to my email account? No, if the messages are only intended to persuade to purchase their product. But we all know that these messages are sometimes include small programs that may be automatically downloaded to your computer, these small programs are also known as viruses and/or worms.

Once your computer is infected, these small programs will intrude your email accounts and send out email messages to all your contacts. Thus, you became a spammer yourself. This is why spam messages in certain countries are illegal and sending out spam is considered as a crime. Also, both ISPs and ESPs do know that spammers intrude email accounts. This is why they are equipped with spam filters.

What are Spam filters?

Spam filters are programs that set to separate out all unsolicited email messages that are being sent from unknown users. Spam filters nowadays are very sensitive because spammers are always finding a way to get over these filters (which is why they are making this as sensitive as possible).

Can we get around or over the spam filters?

This answer is no, we can not get around or over the spam filters. Rigorously, the only way is we have to get through them. So as an email marketer, you would have to strictly follow the criteria so that you email messages are not ended up in a junk email folder.

Design your email messages

Before you start to design your email messages, we would like you to log on your email account and check out your junk email folder. See how these spammers designed their email messages and keep these designs in mind.

We do not want you to follow the spammer designs because what they do with their messages make these messages wind up in your junk email folder.

When you prepare your Email Campaign, check for these common SPAM mistakes:

  • Keep your text clean – don’t spam. This would also show your professionalism. You do not need a lot of coloring in your text. Keep them in the same format and style. Spam filters are easily triggered when your font is madly colored.
  • The use of exclamation marks and uppercase letters. Unnecessary use of exclamation marks! and UPPERCASE LETTERS would SET OFF the SPAM FILTERS!.
  • Below are some examples of the words that should not be used when you are creating your email campaign. You can guess which other words should not be used by reviewing the spam email from your junk email folder: Mortgage, Viagra, Loan, Free, Click here, Limited time, Final reduction, Saving.
  • Your HTML coding skill is very important. Your HTML coding must be clean as spam filters are checking how neat your HTML coding is. The code may be hidden to the user but spam filters can view your HTML code and your email message will get delivered directly to your junk email folder if your coding is poor, Mailigen system does all the HTML cleaning work for you, but still make sure if you are importing your Email Templates they are well coded.
  • Dummy text (Lorem Ipsum) are widely used by web designers to and email marketer to fill all these dummy text into their webpage or a test campaign to focus on the visual, rather than the content, of a website or an email. If you are sending an email campaign using “lorem ipsum” your email will automatically redirect to the junk email folder.
  • Using the word “test” in the subject line will get your email thrown into junk email folder.
  • We know that beautiful graphics and pictures are important to the email campaign. However, if your email campaign is only filled up with graphics and pictures (no text), spam filters will detect this.

Be cool, don’t SPAM!!!

Read more here about Mailigen ANTI-SPAM Policy

Be cool, don’t SPAM
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