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Best Practices in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can increase your customer base and improve your online business presence. But entering the affiliate marketing realm for the first time can feel like hard work and it takes time to navigate. If you know the best practices, you can be sure that your Mailigen ad will attract the most traffic.

Best Practice #1: Use Email Marketing

A major part of affiliate marketing is email marketing. Email marketing requires the following:

  1. A landing page to capture your customer’s information, like email address; and
  2. Follow up emails to keep your customers up to date on new products and services.

Email marketing creates trust between you and your customers. It increases your presence in their minds. The more customers you can turn to Mailigen, the more money you can make. And the more trust you have with your customer, the more they will turn to you and the product you are promoting.

Your emails should be enticing and designed to capture the eye. Email design is a factor in your capture results.

Best Practice #2: Are You an Expert?

A second important component to affiliate marketing can be addressing your audience as an “expert”. Many experts have their own blogs where they use affiliate marketing ads. If you are labeled as an expert your audience will trust your recommendations for the best products and services.

In order to position yourself as an expert in email marketing, make sure you have good content. Engaging and helpful content will create even more trust with your customer. You can also share Mailigen content with your readership, and created embedded links with your affiliate tracking within the articles.

Best Practice #3: Social Media Opportunity

Social media is your friend and has added a new dimension to affiliate marketing. Leveraging social, your expert label will increase the attention from your customers. Promoting Mailigen through Twitter and Facebook can drive online conversions.

Don’t forget to use other media available online. For instance, host live webinars and chats. Try guest blogging, the posts build your reputation as an expert leader in your industry.

More recently, with the advent of social media, affiliate marketing is merging with display, online, and search. Make sure you stay on task and make attribution a priority. Customers change their minds and use different channels all the time—don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The creation of new online networking sites means a constantly changing market. Be flexible when it comes to affiliate marketing strategies.

Mailigen offers numerous email marketing services. By joining our affiliate program, you can take advantage of top-notch email marketing strategies that incorporate the latest technology and customer research.

Best Practices in Affiliate Marketing
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