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Boost Email Marketing Conversion Rate: 4 Top Ideas For MCommerce

email marketing conversion rate

The verdict is in: mcommerce is the new ecommerce. With over 40% of emails opened on mobile devices first, it is now more important than ever to get your brand’s email marketing down to a tee. From newsletters to cart abandonment emails, there’s a variety of email types that you need to work on. To get you up to speed, let’s explore how you can optimize your marketing emails for mobile devices to boost your email marketing conversion rate.

Mobile optimization is a tricky art to master, but these tips will provide actionable solutions to get you on your way to catching the attention of mobile users.

While you’re here, check out our previous post featuring general best practices for email marketing on mobile devices.

The easy email marketing conversion rate boost route: mobile-ready templates

mobile-ready templates

Adopting email templates that are optimized for mobile devices is one of the most important tactics you can use to engage with your customers the right way. They should be the crux of any email marketing campaign for an m-commerce business, and they can be used for all of your marketing needs.

To maximize your click-through rates, it’s critical that your mobile campaigns look professional and are user-friendly on all mobile devices. Templates are the best way to do this because you can ‘set and forget’ – the emails will automatically detect the screen size and optimize themselves to be viewed on that device.
This optimization can include:

  • Adjusting font size to improve readability
  • Adjusting image sizes
  • Altering line spacing

Check out our previous post on responsive email design here. Still struggling to get your head around mobile-optimized emails? Don’t sweat – Mailigen can take the problem off your hands, offering an email-builder and range of templates to help you engage with your mailing list and maximize your online store’s conversion rate.

Get to the point: condense your subject line

condense your subject line

credit: campaignmonitor

Your email subject line is the first thing that a potential customer will see in their inbox and one if the main things that can boost your email marketing conversion rate. It’s important that it makes a lasting impression and gets to the point fast. From the screenshot above, Virgin Atlantic’s email subject is not well optimized and cuts off before the viewer gets a chance to find out what the offer is.

Emails like this are far more likely to be ignored, and it goes to show that even big players like Virgin can fall prey to this. Birchbox’s short and sweet subject line is far more likely to make an impression and encourages readers to open up the email.

Would you open an email with an overly wordy headline, so much so that the headline gets caught short? Chances are that your answer to this question is ‘no’. Unless you have deliberately planned a lengthy headline and included an ellipsis to entice the reader to open the email and continue reading, then you should definitely condense your headlines.

Check out this guide for further info on email marketing subject line best practices.

Optimizing your email body

So, now we’ve addressed templates and subject lines, how do you optimize your store’s content and the body of your emails for mobile? Here are some pointers to help you along: particularly helpful if you are formatting your content manually and not using a template.

  • Bigger fonts are far more readable for email content. To ensure that your message has maximum readability, your copy should be set to 14 pts minimum, and headlines should be at least 22 pts. Note: any font smaller than 12 pts will be automatically resized to 12 pts on Apple devices – this could cause text to wrap differently than you expect, and cause problems with your email designs.
  • Eye tracking research suggests that Western users focus on the left-hand side of email content. This shouldn’t be a shock, as we read from left to right. Consider this when deciding where to place your links and images. The majority of users interact naturally and easily with elements in the bottom left and middle of their hand-held mobile screen.
  • Screen size is generally small, so when it comes to designing your email content, ensure that your content is concise. Use clear headers to break up large chunks of text, and include bullet points and short paragraphs wherever possible. Your text should be scannable and scrollable, without the reader missing key pieces of information. It’s recommended that you offer important information and statistics at the start of sentences and paragraphs, followed by further reading afterwards.

If you’re suffering from writer’s block or having difficulty making your email copy short, sweet and well-formatted, take a step back to our first point and look into using a template instead.

Abandoned cart emails

abandoned cart emails

credit: aitoc

Your cart abandonment emails must also be optimized for mobile devices to maximize the chances that your customer will return to your online store and make a purchase. Here is how you boost email marketing conversion rate with optimizing abandonment emails.

Nordstrom has well and truly mastered their cart abandonment communication. Note how their content is short and snappy, with an image of the item in their cart, and there is one clear call-to-action to return the customer to their shopping cart. This is great – the customer will not be distracted by anything else in the email. This increases the likelihood that they will click on the link.

On top of the points we have already discussed about your emails rendering well on mobile devices, your cart abandonment emails need to be able to regenerate the user’s session. The call-to-action in these emails must recall your customer’s shopping cart.

Session regeneration across devices is really important – it is really frustrating for them to receive an email that returns them to an empty cart. Let’s boost your conversion rates: read more about session regeneration here.

These top tips are crucial and should be implemented in your m-commerce marketing mix to ensure that you have the best chances of conversion through your emails.

Using templates or an email optimization service such as Mailigen are fantastic ways to get your email marketing up to scratch fast.

All of your emails require mobile optimization for you to jump on the m-commerce bandwagon successfully because mobile devices are now where your customers are checking their inboxes. Make sure that m-commerce is something that features high on your digital branding agenda — don’t get left behind.

Were these tips useful for you or your marketing team? Which of them will you implement in your marketing mix? Let us know in the comments.

Patric FosterPatrick Foster, ecommerce entrepreneur & writer. I write for a myriad of digital publications on topics ranging from ecommerce to social media. I believe that sharing knowledge is the key to creating a community in this industry, and I’m very passionate about community and enabling conversations.

Boost Email Marketing Conversion Rate: 4 Top Ideas For MCommerce
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