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How to confirm email users consent by using reconfirm method?

When you are making your email marketing campaigns, you can add specific merge tags that can help with email personalization like addressing a person by its name, filing dates or addresses automatically, and so on (see all merge tags that Mailigen system lets you implement in its emails).

In order to comply with new GDPR email consent rules, Mailigen has a merge tag, made to give your subscribers a chance to be able to re-confirm their subscription. Along with a confirmation, you will also receive an electronic proof of this permission, which you can store and use as data.

The tag you should use: #[LIST:RECONFIRM]#.

You should use this merge tag if you don’t have subscriber’s consent, or you have used the single opt-in to gather your email list and want to have double opt-in data also.  For example, if your email list consists of subscribers that have subscribed to your newsletter without reconfirming it in email, then you have used the single opt-in.

A double opt-in process allows your subscribers to receive an email with subscription re-confirmation after filling out the original subscription form. For Mailigen users, this is already a default process. If this isn’t the case, then you need to resend re-conformation campaign manually to have a double opt-in data.

Usage of #[LIST:RECONFIRM]# merge tag is especially important with the upcoming GDPR regulations as this tag can help getting the missing proof of consent.

We also suggest that you save the forms and email campaigns through which subscribers opted in. You may need to show these forms and email campaigns to prove that subscriber was informed about the content he agreed to receive.

Three examples of how you can use #[LIST: RECONFIRM]# merge tag in the Mailigen system.

1. Make the reconfirm tag to show for users that haven’t pressed this tag before.

This allows adding this merge tag to all campaigns you send out – only readers that haven’t confirmed their subscription will see the message.

To add this merge tag in your email template in Mailigen you need to do the following:

  1. Open the drag-and-drop redactor.
  2. Press with the cursor the place where you want it to show.
  3. Choose text -> Merge tags -> double opt-in URL.


Confirm consent with merge tag.

You will get an inserted command that will look like this:

#[IF:CONTACT:OPTIN_TIME=]# text example that is hyperlinked with #[LIST:RECONFIRM]# #[/IF]#

This is the merge tag that will show your client’s double opt-in option – but only if they haven’t pressed it previously.

2. Use reconfirm tag in reactivation campaigns

In the Mailigen-provided templates, you can find three already-made reactivation templates. We suggest that you run reactivation campaigns for subscribers that have had poor interaction with your emails in past six months. This way, you can try to wake up “sleeping” customers and clean your list from subscribers that are damaging your deliverability by being inactive.

You can repurpose these templates for your brand and run reactivation campaigns. All these templates already contain the #[list:reconfirm]# tag.

Re-confirm templates

3. Make your reconfirm link more interesting

You can mark reconfirm merge tag with any text, button or image to make pressing your reconfirm link more appealing.

Merge tag in link example

Remember that when the subscriber presses the link, the confirmation ‘thank you’ page opens. You can edit this page so that it fits your brand or company.

Thank you page

To edit this page in Mailigen, you need to go to lists -> Web Sign up forms -> Confirmation “Thank you” Page. You can also change the page to which the user gets redirected.

If you have any questions about this article or GDPR, definitely give us a shout!

How to confirm email users consent by using reconfirm method?
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