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Create Automatic RSS to Email Newsletters

Automation can be a great tool for marketers. RSS to email newsletter allows your email newsletter content to be placed automatically and automate when your email marketing campaign is sent. Marketer, we have created this new function with you in mind to make your daily activities easier and automate a great part of your work.

How Does Mailigen RSS Work?

The most popular blogging platforms, like WordPress and Blogspot, enable RSS feeds. Meaning that instead of searching for each new blog post, you can add RSS feeds to your reading program (for example, Google Reader) and read the latest blog posts there.

Adding RSS feeds to email newsletters is quite similar. When you publish new content in your blog, portal or another website, the Mailigen RSS tool will send it automatically to your email subscribers.

All you have to know is the URL address of your website’s RSS feed and the interval of publishing new articles on the website. In the fourth step of creating a Mailigen campaign, just click on the RSS icon, enter the RSS feed link, adjust the settings and save the changes you made. The code appearing in the email letter will enable getting information from the RSS link.

rss to email newsletter

When you complete the fourth step, the next step is to schedule your campaigns and set up the frequency. You can even set up precise times when your RSS campaigns will be sent.

After you have set up and activated campaigns, your website content will be converted into RSS to email newsletters on a regular basis. In the Reports & Statistics section, you will find reporting on each RSS campaign to compare different campaigns, as well as evaluate the overall efficiency of RSS campaigns together.

When And Where Should You Add RSS to Email Newsletter?

We have already mentioned that RSS to email is a perfect tool for sending the latest blog posts to subscribers’ emails. However, your blog is not the only option where Mailigen RSS can be used. Here are some tips to manage RSS to email newsletter campaigns in different ways:

News portals

People interested in portal news usually add portal RSS to their RSS readers. Although RSS feed to email could be an alternative way to reach your portal readers. All you have to do is to create a campaign template and adjust the necessary settings. RSS campaigns will be sent automatically and regularly to everybody subscribed for portal updates.

Online shops

If your online shop is regularly updated with new products, RSS campaigns could be a great option to inform clients. Increase engagement even more by including a special discount code or other promo activity in newsletters. You can motivate subscribers to buy some of the new products.

Group buying sites

In one of our previous blog posts, we wrote how important email marketing is for group buying sites. The group buying business model requires publishing and sharing new content every day. For daily deal sites, it’s important to set up regularity in sending habits. As an email marketing practitioner, you should know that preparing email content takes time, especially if a newsletter is sent every day. Also sending at precise times requires strict accuracy. How about creating and sending daily newsletters automatically? Profit from the Mailigen RSS to email tool and facilitate your marketing plan. Add RSS links and put the right codes in the email template, and you are ready.

RSS to Email Combined With Dynamic Content

We offered a few tips to manage RSS to email newsletter campaigns, but we would love to hear your ideas for best practices in RSS use. If your news can be segmented by categories and the target audience is different, you can use Mailigen segmentation and dynamic content features to improve engagement rates and create dynamic RSS campaigns. Within one campaign each target group will receive different content according to their interests and preferences. Follow our blog and read more about dynamic content in one of our further blog posts.

If you haven’t tried RSS to email campaigns yet but would like to, contact our consultant and our team will make your daily marketing easier.

Create Automatic RSS to Email Newsletters
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    January 3, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    How can i change the number of words that are shown in the description of the RSS??
    I want to send more article content in the email but not full content.

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