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Create Perfect Responsive Email Templates With The New Drag’n’Drop Editor

The way in which you create your emails has changed forever! Can you imagine creating a template by easily moving some blocks together? Building perfect responsive emails for smartphones and tablets in just minutes? Yes, now you can!

Mailigen’s Drag and Drop email template editor has been rebuilt from the ground up for a much better user experience! It is time to say farewell to version 1.0 and welcome the new and improved version 2.0, which offers you plenty of future email marketing features. Below is a list of the 12 things that make this editor pretty awesome!

#1 Send only responsive emails to your subscribers

Reading emails on the go has reached all time high, ranging from 40-60% around the globe. So a mobile-friendly newsletter is a must! All templates you create in the Drag and Drop designer are now responsive and look perfect on all screens sizes.

Choose from a variety of unique templates or create your own from a blank page. No complex actions or knowledge of HTML is needed to create and edit email templates.

Responsive Drag and Drop Editor

#2 Choose a pre-designed template for each marketing case

We have also launched an amazing template gallery! All our pre-designed templates are responsive and are easily customizable to your taste.

Whatever your marketing field, I am sure you will find something suitable for your campaign. Choose a template for your:

  • Newsletter
  • Promotion
  • E-commerce
  • Event
  • Postcard
  • and much more

You can also order a custom email template design from our Email Template Factory. On the other hand, if you want your existing template to be adapted to the new Drag’n’Drop editor, please contact our team.

Responsive email template gallery

#3 Insert videos in your email campaigns

The email of 2015 is a multimedia email. If a good image can speak a thousand words, what can you say in a video?

Use the brand new type of video block to insert videos in emails from YouTube and Vimeo to increase your subscriber attention. Include engaging videos in your emails and add social network sharing buttons to help make your email content viral.

Video Drag and Drop Editor

#4 Preview on mobile, tablet and desktop

Before you click “Send”, preview your email newsletter to be sure it will look great to your subscribers.

In the new editor, you can preview your emails for various screen sizes: mobile, tablet and desktop.

Preview Drag and Drop Editor

#5 Create templates as if you are playing with Lego bricks

It sounds too good to be true, but creating a template in the Drag and Drop editor is really like playing with Lego. Design your template easily using 10 types of blocks:

  • Title
  • Text
  • Image
  • Social media links
  • Social profile links
  • Button
  • Horizontal divider
  • Video
  • RSS content
  • Dynamic content

Responsive Drag and Drop Editor

#6 Divide your template into up to four columns

The structure and layout of an email template can now be as simple or complex as you need it to be! Use frames to create a structure for your template. Choose a one-column container, two, three or four-column container to divide the entire template or parts of it into up to four column layout. For more complex structure, insert a frame into another frame.

#7 Set a background image

Would you like to have a beautiful picture in the background of your email? Instead of a monochrome background, set an image to the background for more creative emails! Just remember not all email clients do support background images, so keep that in mind.

#8 Drop images in your template from your desktop

One of my favorite features of the new editor is that you can drag images into a template straight from the desktop without even uploading them to the image gallery first.

Alternatively, from the desktop, you can drag images into the image gallery. The image gallery is easily accessible from the dynamic toolbar. Edit images in the image editor, which offers a much wider range of editing options than the usual cropping and resizing.

Yes, that’s why we call it a Drag’n’Drop editor! The effortless drag and drop method saves time and make the process of creating a template extremely simple. Move, copy and delete content blocks, images and frames using the drag and drop method with just a single mouse click.

#9 Customize the color, size and shape of buttons

Buttons are the best way to get subscribers to take action after reading your emails. Testing email buttons is one of the most effective tactics when optimizing your email performance.

Now you can freely customize the color, size and shape of your buttons. Then use our content A/B split test campaign feature to find out what works best for you.

#10 Edit social media links to your liking

The same features are available for social media buttons! You can freely edit buttons after inserting them into the template and customize their color, size and shape.

Insert social media links in your campaigns and build awareness outside your emails. Social media links will guide subscribers to your profiles and make them share your content.

#11 Apply formatting to an entire email or certain elements

Now you don’t have to format each heading, link or other text element separately. You can simultaneously apply font type, size, color, border, padding and all other parameters to the entire template, or only to parts of it by using default paragraph and title formatting. You can then manually change and adjust elements separately, if necessary.

Moreover, you can copy and paste text from elsewhere without applying the previous formatting.

Content editing Drag and Drop Editor

#12 Insert several independent RSS streams

This feature saves you time and automates your email campaigns using the RSS feature.

In the upgraded Drag and Drop editor, you can insert several independent RSS streams to make your message highly targeted.

We are really excited about the new editor. Flawless text editing, dropping images straight from the desktop, customizable buttons, mobile preview, video in email and so much more! Is your email service provider up to the challenge? Sign up for a free Mailigen account to try out the updated Drag’n’Drop email template editor!

Create Perfect Responsive Email Templates With The New Drag’n’Drop Editor
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    Very Helpful tips for Create Perfect Responsive Email Templates , thanks for sharing a good blog!!

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