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Device, Browser and Geo Location Reporting

We’re happy to introduce to you the upgraded Mailigen reports. In our new and improved campaign reports, you will find information about the device, browser and geo location of your campaign recipients.

In the new Mailigen reports, you can track how many of your subscribers have opened and clicked your email campaign on desktop and mobile devices, which countries they come from and which browsers are used the most. Detailed information on the devices, browsers and geo location of your subscribers will help you to improve your email marketing strategy.

Mobile vs. desktop

In the reports section, go to the open statistics to see the email open rate on various devices: how many of your subscribers have opened your email campaign on desktop and how many have opened on mobile devices. You can also track email click through rate in the link statistics: how many have clicked on your call to action links via desktop and mobile devices.

If a significant proportion of your subscribers read emails on the go, consider the usage of responsive or adapted email design for mobile devices, so that your newsletters look great both on large and small screens. You should also certainly take care of mobile friendly landing pages and webpages.

Subscribers by devices

Browser variety

In both the open and link statistics you can see which browsers your subscribers have used most frequently to open and click through your email campaigns.

This information is also useful to make sure your email, landing and webpages look correct to your target audience, especially when it comes to mobile browsers, so make your email mobile-friendly.

Subscribers by browsers

Geo location

View your subscribers by geographical location in the open and link statistics. The world map will show you which countries are the most active and interested in your email campaigns.

Marketers working with international audiences will appreciate this in particular. The dominance of particular countries may lead to the necessity of email campaign localization, or at least you can better calculate the best time of day to send your email campaigns according to the dominant time zones.

Subscribers by location

Eye-catching statistics

Apart from the new device, browser and geo location reporting, all the other statistics have also changed their look. Now Mailigen reports are much more eye-catching. The bright colors will give signals about both your threats and successes!

Open statistics

Analyzing email marketing metrics is just as important as planning the strategy of your email marketing. We hope you will enjoy our updated reports and will get the maximum from the reports for your further email marketing performance.

Device, Browser and Geo Location Reporting
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