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Don’t be modest – expand your business with Mailigen’s integrations and API!

Today’s online world makes us increasingly connected and relying on each other’s support. Why are integrations a win-win tool for you, your customers and business partners? Because they save time and help all of us broaden our horizons. See how Mailigen’s integrated applications and open API can fuel your business to reach new heights!

Why integrations?

In many ways doing business online resembles face-to-face interaction. For example, in either domain it would not be possible for you to cover all your business functions alone. In order to grow, widen your scope and find new ways of expanding your client base, you need to work with partners that can give you something you don’t have – and vice versa.

Mailigen’s open API (application programming interface) makes partnerships easier by letting you access, connect and communicate with other programs. To use this versatile tool you don’t need any special knowledge or programming skills. As with all our services, we offer 24/7 customer support if you seek help or advice in your integration process.

Still not sure how integrations could help your business? Mailigen has developed a set of valuable integration partnerships with leading online service providers such as WordPress, Facebook, Pipedrive, etc. Read more to see some stunning integrations that could boost your profits.

Meet new and powerful partners!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Facilitate your workflow by integrating Mailigen’s API with any CRM or online database. The user-friendly tools and plugins enable you to synchronize contacts (Pipedrive, for example), import new subscribers (Stripe, Xero, etc.) and manage your email marketing in a productive way.

Don’t stop there! Grow your company’s efficiency with Bitrix 24 – administer address lists, launch mailing campaigns, view statistics and evaluate campaign effectiveness. You can also use filters for contacts, leads, and companies.

Content Management System (CMS)

Generating new subscribers and leads couldn’t be easier with Mailigen’s integrated WordPress widget. Like all other Mailigen sign-up forms, the WordPress widget form is a double opt-in sign-up form. When a potential subscriber fills out the form, they receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription.

Social media

Build a new stream of potential customers – integrate social media with your email marketing campaigns. Add social media sharing buttons to your email campaigns and let your content reach new audiences! You can also promote your social media profiles and let people click on the icons in the email.

Mailigen’s integrated Facebook tools let you generate new subscribers and leads with the help of a double opt-in sign-up form that is placed on your company’s Facebook page. When integrating with Facebook, use our step by step guidelines to easily reach your fans on Facebook. With the Twitter integration, you can also automatically notify your followers about new campaigns.


Mailigen also offers a set of other integrations including landing pages and pop-ups that help to grow your subscribers list (Privy) or behavioral sign-up forms based on targeting criteria (PadiAct). There are many other Mailigen’s integration partners that facilitate your email campaign strategy, e.g. Digioh service that lets you send large files in your campaigns and track who has downloaded them. Project Manager – an online project management platform – facilitates collaboration between teams of any type and also enables you to give a personal welcome to your subscribers.

Thanks to our partnership with Zapier, most of the integrations only take a few minutes to get started. No need for any codes or technical skills – just a wish to boost your business with new, powerful tools!

How to make integrations work for you?

Integrations can make our lives a lot easier when it comes to customer segmentation and targeting. Let’s take an example of Magento and Mailigen that is used by some of our clients. Synchronizing these two platforms will supplement your email marketing with data like last order date and value, total number and value of orders, number of items in cart and value of current cart.

With Mailigen’s new automation system coming up, such integration opens lots of doors for effective targeting. Send different emails to active shoppers or rare visitors, customers who make small purchases or big spenders. Remind your customers about “abandoned carts” and make specialized offers.

Integrations also create opportunities for innovative marketing practice like in the case of full-service internet marketing agency “” After signing up to their newsletter via Facebook signup form that is integrated with Mailigen, a subscriber receives a benefit – an e-book about marketing. This is a great means of growing your subscribers list while giving added value to your customer.

What will be your integration?

Mailigen API can help you in any project that concerns online registration and customer database collection. From a simple synchronization to built-in email campaign delivery – you don’t need any programming knowledge to install and configure Mailigen tools and plugins. However, we have prepared a more detailed description on where and how to use Mailigen API.

The integration that will boost your business is just one click away! Go for it and provide your business with all the necessary aspects – new contacts, efficient working mechanism, and content that your audience won’t be able to resist!

Have a look at our comprehensive list of integration partners and request one (or several) that will help you reach your goals! If you have any questions, doubts or issues, remember – Mailigen support team is here for you 24/7.

Don’t be modest – expand your business with Mailigen’s integrations and API!
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