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E-mail marketing for small businesses

Email Marketing Small Business

E-mail marketing is one of the best advertising means for smaller and medium-sized businesses.

Smaller businesses are often reluctant to invest money in advertising, simply because there’s not that much money they can spend.

However, email marketing software is available for ridiculous prices and offers high-tier return tracking. You’ll know where every single penny went, and that is very important for a smaller advertising budget.

Furthermore, people are much more responsive when it comes to e-mail marketing, because subscribers have to  allow you to send them emails. The permission is actually a very important thing, and pretty confusing for those who are just starting.

E-mail marketing is permission-based, and usually requires the users to confirm their e-mail address when they sign up to an email newsletter. However, the permission to mail is what sets e-mail marketing apart from other direct marketing forms, because it allows you to actually build a relationship with your customers.

E-mail marketing creates brand awareness, which is useful for most, but especially local businesses. If a person knows you from your e-mails (but the person has to actually like you), that person is a lot more likely to choose your products if he or she has been given the opportunity.

E-mail marketing fits with the current marketing trends pretty well

It’s very easy to integrate Twitter, Facebook, and other social media into your campaigns. While it is questioned whether or not social media is effective at all, social sites do make it easier for the customer to communicate with you. Adding your social media streams to your emails will encourage the users to give you precious feedback–and a little buzz, too.

And lastly, most small businesses use e-mail marketing anyway. It helps them stay with a single customer for as long as possible, and is a very efficient method of marketing, not only because it’s so cheap.

So, to reiterate, this is why e-mail marketing rocks for smaller businesses:

  • E-mail marketing can track each and every penny you invest
  • E-mail marketing has the best response rates in advertising
  • It creates brand awareness (really useful for businesses that are just starting out)
  • E-mail marketing offers a chance to interact with customers and create dynamic marketing
  • Most small businesses already do it anyway

Furthermore, email lists are a great passive source of income you can count on in the long run. If you are loyal to your customers and don’t do anything too out of the line, they will respect you and choose your products for months, even years. It’s still important to acquire new subscribers though.

We aren’t saying that e-mail marketing is the holy grail we’ve all been looking for. We’re saying that e-mail marketing is pretty close to being one. You still have to do things on your own, you still have to do cutesy things with your campaigns, keep up with the developments in marketing, and actually work a lot to make your e-mail marketing campaigns successful.

Here are some quick tips if you’ve decided to try email marketing:

  1. Add a sign-up form at your website ASAP. You’ll acquire subscribers – even if you don’t send that much content yet.
  2. Add your company’s social media channels – this will help your e-mails become dynamic and offer a greater chance for the customer to interact with you
  3. Try and do some A/B split testing. Send different versions of your newsletter to different subscribers, and see which one generates better results.
  4. Know the difference between spam and permission-based email. You have to acquire permission to mail people. Don’t manually add people you don’t know to your mailing list; don’t buy e-mail lists you’ll later spam until infinity.
  5. Develop a strategy which clearly states your goals with e-mail marketing. Whether it’s simply selling more products or expanding your business globally, is entirely your call.
E-mail marketing for small businesses
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