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Earn Money from Your Content

As part of the Mailigen affiliate program, you can earn extra cash from the content you already create on your website. It is easy to sign up and you gain the advantage of having a reputable email marketing company on your site.

One way to retain traffic on your site while installing a call to action to click over to Mailigen is to create the best content around. Remember, content is king. You should include tips on email marketing and facts about Mailigen on your site because this type of content increases the trust between you and your customer as well as educating them and convincing them to try Mailigen.

The easiest way to write about email marketing and Mailigen is through a blog. You can have guest writers who are experts on email marketing and share your own experiences working with Mailigen. Customers want to hear from other customers and experts before they buy something. You can blog about the comparisons between email marketing services, latest news and innovations, describe email marketing software and more. Make sure you optimize your blog articles for long tail SEO to bring as much search engine traffic in as possible. By efficiently communicating the advantages of email marketing on your site, you earn more money with more conversions within affiliate marketing.

Another way to earn more money is to create a subscription service via your website. When someone signs up, they get newsletters and emails. In these, the customer can find even more information on Mailigen’s email marketing services. Just another way to reach a broader customer audience.

If you have a website, you probably already have social media sites too. These sites are another great channel to filter Mailigen information to your audience. Remember social media is a little bit different than company websites. Social networking sites are usually more personal and conversational. Fit the tone and write updates as if you are talking to your audience. Keep them posted on Mailigen specials and new features. Customer testimonials are a great way to give potential converts a reason to buy. Reference the Mailigen website to motivate customers to act.

Good content, expert bloggers, social media, and subscription services all contribute to more conversion and more money in your affiliate account.

Earn Money from Your Content
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