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Effectively use email marketing autoresponder and follow-up emails: autoresponder tips

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Email marketing autoresponder is underestimated. An email autoresponder can be used to set up follow-up email which you can employ in a million ways.

Here are a few email autoresponder tips — really, a few of them.

  • Educate the users by sending courses about your service/product – or simply courses that are likely to be relevant to the receiver;
  • Gather online surveys to gain information from new subscribers;
  • Thank the new user for joining your service;
  • Wish the user a happy birthday;
  • Give the user advice in case of inactivity; etc.

There are, however, even more, creative ways in which you can employ follow up letters.

Imagine you are selling e-books about dogs, and are giving away a free e-book for new subscribers, titled “How to take care of your dog”. After the clients have received it, you don’t simply dwell on the huge success, but send relevant, regular follow-up emails that both remind the client to actually read the book, and give additional dog care advice that involves dog training.

At the, for example, third of your five follow-up emails, you introduce the client to your new eBook, the best-selling “How to train your dog”. Voila, you have now sold a product using follow-up emails.

There are hundreds of email autoresponder tips, these few are just a fraction of them. Most of the best autoresponder uses simply involve a little creative use of the stuff you already have.

For example, do you send a welcome message to your subscribers when they sign up? Good, because most businesses do. What most businesses don’t do is load the actual welcome message with links that should interest the new subscriber. If a subscriber is new, it may be one of his first visits; why not link him to this month’s most popular posts, among them to a post where you sell something the subscriber might like?

Email marketing autoresponders are indeed underestimated, but that’s mostly because they aren’t used to doing creative things with them. The same old same old is boring; keep that in mind and do something new.

Effectively use email marketing autoresponder and follow-up emails: autoresponder tips
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