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Email marketing Landing Pages

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Speaking in metaphors, the landing page is the Omega, the final destination of your e-mail marketing campaign.

What is… a landing page?

Technically, a landing page is any place where the user lands first when clicking a link in your e-mail or finding your site through Google, or whatnot. However, a “landing page” has lately become a term that associates with a page where a certain commitment is required from the user (e.g. buying a product, filling a survey, etc).

Why do I need email landing pages?

Email marketing landing pages are needed because:

  • They help to direct the user’s attention
  • They help to soar the conversion rates
  • They offer a way of measuring the efficiency of your campaign

Landing pages are particularly attractive to marketers, because you can, sometimes explicitly, tell the user what to do and what you expect of him. If the landing page is your website, the user can become confused–as there is no explanation of why they are there in the first place–, and start doing everything, except what you want.

How do I create email landing pages?

Now this is a separate science.
Creating a landing page from scratch is quite the daunting task, and you’d probably be better off with either getting landing page templates, or reading a lot of literature concerning email marketing landing pages.
However, we can at least point you in the right direction:

  • Landing pages are likely to be short (about 1-1.5 screens), especially for stuff that requires little commitment
  • The bigger the investment, the larger a landing page you should write
  • Include clear calls to action – tell the reader exactly what is your offer, benefits and what kind of action you want them to take
  • Obviously, add stat tracking to your website

Email marketing landing pages is a subject that even a large book cannot cover entirely.
You can find more information about landing pages right here.

You need email marketing landing pages if you’re selling something via e-mail, period.

Once you get into the hang of creating such pages, perhaps you will even want create separate landing pages for visitors from Google, social networks, etc.

Email marketing Landing Pages
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