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Entering the Russian Email Market


In August, our Mailigen team visited St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad in Russia to promote and develop local email marketing.

After participation in the “Mailing Day 2013”, the international conference on email and SMS marketing held in St. Petersburg, Russia, where we presented lifecycle email marketing, we realized that the Russian marketing environment is hungry for fresh knowledge. While others enjoyed their summer vacations, we started active work in Russia. We asked our CEO Janis Rose what we’ve already accomplished in Russia and what our future plans are.

What was your agenda in Russia?

You should have already heard about our Email Marketing Workshops that we organize in different countries in order to inform and educate marketers about email marketing topics. Well, now we have also started a series of workshops in Russia. The first Mailigen Workshop in Russia was held in St. Petersburg on August 6 in cooperation with the Ingria business incubator. Beginners and professionals were able to learn about database segmentation, email campaign integration, email delivery and other topics. The next workshop in Russia will be held in November.

Right after the Mailigen Workshop, we organized the Mailigen Summer Lab in cooperation with the platform DelAfisa. Mailigen Summer Lab is one of our latest initiatives that we launched this summer in order to share the experience of Mailigen experts and guest lecturers. In addition to our presentations, our guest lecturer Svetlana Djomina, top email marketing expert in Russia, shared with the audience great tips and tricks on how to improve email marketing conversions.

A week later, on August 12, we were in Kaliningrad where we took part in BaltArtek, an international youth forum. During our guest lecture, we shared our experiences on how we have developed from a startup to an international company, as well as how email marketing can help in business development.


What progress has been made in Russia?

The goal of our trip to Russia was to consolidate our local team efforts, to meet our loyal and potential customers, and local marketers to provide them with email marketing knowledge and the latest technical possibilities, including our new transactional email service. Moreover, we didn’t just promote our brand and gain new clients, we also made a contribution to the development of the local marketing environment, as we do also in other regions, for example, in Asia. It is a fantastic foundation for the future growth of our company.

Why did you choose Russia as a target market?

The Russian market is large and promising. Although there is a great demand for old school spam-related marketing tactics, e.g., list buying and renting, the market is changing little by little. Marketers are becoming aware of the benefits of performing professional and qualitative email marketing. Therefore, it’s very important to support the market development with intensive educational activities. If you also need some help or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts directly.


What is your next step in Russia?

We have great plans for this autumn in Russia. We are going to organize and participate in various email marketing events, starting with guest lecturers in St. Petersburg in September and continuing with a Mailigen Workshop in Moscow in November.

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Entering the Russian Email Market
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