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Excursion to the Bakery „Liepkalni”

Last weekend, our Mailigen local team went to one of Latvians’ favorite bakeries, „Liepkalni”, which is situated southeast of Latvia. We were lucky enough to win this trip last spring at a mass media sports game. There was a specific distance called „Relay of Liepkalni” where our team took first place and won the main cup!

Summer had quickly passed and we finally decided to use our prize. Five of our colleagues – CFO Arturs, Development Manager Ernests, Key Programmer Juris, PR Manager Liga, and Office Manager Andzelija – went on the excursion with their families.

What is so special about the bareky „Liepkalni”?

Bakery „Liepkalni” has inherited Mendzinu family bread baking traditions since 1928. Today, their assortment consists of more than 50 delicious bread products, as well as cookies, bread crumbs, pones, pates, cakes and pies. There you can find a real Latvian country style rye bread.

What were we doing there?

Firstly, we enjoyed a ride in the Viking ship down the river Daugava (the largest river in Latvia). The captain introduced us to the legends of the Daugava river and showed us the old banks of the river (before hydroelectric dums), which was a spectacular sight to see.

Then, our excursion to the bakery was lead by a tour guide, who explained to us the intricate process of how the bread is made. We also saw the portable country style bread stove, which was used in the early years when a grand-son of farmer Mendzins reclaimed the land of ”Liepkalni” and started baking bread. It was a very interesting story!

We also had a bread and kvass (beverage of bread) tasting where we tried a variety of tasty breads and beverages. Afterward, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the „Liepkalni” restaurant.

On the way home, we visited „Liktendarzs”, the Garden of Destiny. It’s a special place on an island in the river Daugava near the Koknese city – a beautiful garden has been created and arranged through charitable donations.

It is, as they say,

“a place where the past, the present and the future of the people as well as the nation merge…merge to give solace to the past, strength to the present and inspiration to follow your dream in the future.”

It is an astounding vision and continuing to develop each day. Anyone can donate in order to help the garden grow. For example, once you donate, a tree will be planted and a sign with your name will be added to the collection.

Overall, it was a really nice and lazy Saturday with colleagues! 🙂

Excursion to the Bakery „Liepkalni”
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