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Holiday Email Marketing Ideas – From Thanksgiving to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Did you know that online shoppers can spend up to $4.45 billion on Thanksgiving & Black Friday? Be wise and make the most of the time when your customers are ready and willing to spend more than usual. As you compete with other marketers to get your message through the noise, remember – this is more than just a spending frenzy. Thanksgiving is a great time to say thanks and secure a long lasting relationship with your subscribers! We offer you some holiday email marketing ideas and practical tips on how to use the holidays to fuel your sales while bonding with your subscribers.

Email – the best way to say thank you –  Thanksgiving, November 23

holiday email marketing

Since old times Thanksgiving has been a day when we count our blessings. What are you and your business thankful for? This is the best time to tell your customers that you appreciate their loyalty and support. Saying thanks and showing some emotion can add a human feel to your business and help build long-lasting customer relationships.

Emailing “thankyou” is definitely one of the best holiday email marketing ideas. Besides adding a personal touch, it is also a great sales booster. Furthermore, email offers a vast choice of marketing tools.

Don’t limit yourself with a simple sales email – offer invitations to events you host during holiday season (depending on your business type it can be a holiday sale with music, gift-wrapping workshop or a festive breakfast to meet your customers face-to-face), useful gift ideas or other valuable materials (e.g. a pdf catalogue of songs to learn by Christmas, DIY decoration making tips or costume ideas for theme parties).

Some ways to say thanks:

  • Be among the first! A few days before Thanksgiving, send subscribers an email thanking them for being great customers. Include a small discount, or a bonus like free shipping to get them excited about holiday shopping. Build anticipation before Holidays with a steady flow of email campaigns or make this a one-time email.
  • Thank your loyal costumers! Give your loyal customers VIP treatment – thank them and offer a special discount, early access to your holiday sale or a sneak peek in your Christmas offer. Tip: detect your VIPs by creating a segment of your most frequent buyers or biggest spenders.
  • Please your social media followers! Give your fans an early preview of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale on social media and invite them to sign up for your newsletter list to always be informed about great deals.
  • Thank your business partners! While bonding with your customers, do not forget your cooperation partners and colleagues. Send out a greeting campaign saying how much you appreciate your associates and express a wish to continue working with them in the future.

How to turn Black Friday into Golden Friday – Black Friday, November 24

Black Friday email marketing sales visualization

If you are reading this article, you have probably already realized the benefits that holiday email marketing can bring to your business. But did you know that on Black Friday, email marketing can generate more than a quarter of all online sales? In comparison, social media was only responsible for 1.7% of Black Friday sales.

Cyber Monday is considered the biggest online shopping day of the year. However, this conception is slowly getting outdated as Black Friday emails show a 38% higher open rate than Cyber Monday emails. Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer the perfect opportunity for your customers to get the majority of Christmas presents in time – do not hesitate to remind them about that!

Get in your customer’s shoes!

When interacting with your subscribers, ask yourself – why should they be looking forward to receiving your emails? Here is the main reason that also explains higher open rates during the holiday season: customers expect you to make their lives easier during this busy time. You can do it either by giving them gift or celebration ideas or by offering them ways to save money or time. Understanding this will help you craft a deal nobody could resist.

Another way to reduce your customers’ Holiday fever is to make sure your email campaigns are mobile-friendly. Movable Ink reports that 76% of Black Friday emails and 63% of Cyber Monday emails were opened on mobile devices. Also, on Thanksgiving Day mobile devices drove 52% of all US internet traffic. If your emails look poor on smartphones and tablets, you are very likely to miss a significant portion of your subscribers throughout the holidays.

To make this task easier we have created some beautiful and responsive holiday templates. If you choose to design a template yourself, see some useful tips in our Holiday Email Marketing Checklist. Also, you can read our guest blog post about a Stellar Email Newsletter Design or order a template designed especially for your business.

Try Remailing!

To keep your email on top of the inbox, try remailing – one of the cheapest and easiest ways to drive revenue. Remail your offer to the subscribers who didn’t open your first send. Usually this is done 2-7 days later; however, Black Friday can be an exception when you might remail on the same day – or on Cyber Monday. Make sure your subject line for each new email shows increased urgency, e.g. “Only 4 hours left till end of superSale.”

Celebrate your e-commerce business – Cyber Monday, November 27

Cyber Monday email marketing sales visualization

The online spending frenzy on Cyber Monday is inseparable from Christmas gift preparation. If you have an e-commerce store or offer online services, inspire your customers with gift ideas or even gift guides crafted for diverse segments (children, girlfriend/boyfriend, parents, best friend, gifts under $10, etc.).

Send valuable content

We live in the age of content marketing where emails that plainly scream SALE are not enough. Whether you own an e-commerce store, provide software or other services, give your audience something that is worth their time! Think about what you would like to receive. A new recipe? Original ideas for gift-wrapping? A beautiful template for a letter to Santa? Add an element or instruction that connects to your business, for example, tips for DIY festive decorations with some parts or instruments that can be purchased on your e-store.

Another helpful idea is to create a checklist or shopping list that people can have on hand during the busy holiday season. Do not hesitate to include fun or festive elements or discount coupons to be used on your website.

Think outside the box with holiday email marketing!

This Cyber Monday your customers’ inboxes will be just as crowded as the shops so sending a plain discount is unlikely to grant you great success. In order to capture your audience’s attention, you have to find a unique and compelling way to showcase your discounts. Don’t restrict yourself to festive gifs, videos or attractive copy – think bigger. Why not host a quiz or a contest, or incorporate a teaser that will make your subscribers click right through? Or host a holiday event to meet your customers face-to-face?

Contests, events, and games don’t only offer an attractive way to engage your subscribers – they also help to find out valuable data about them. It is a real win-win situation – the customer has fun and a chance to win a prize, while your business gets to understand your buyer persona better.

Remember that Holiday season is a great time to become a creative email marketer – experiment with new techniques, and try something else if they don’t work. Mailgen’s A/B testing tools will help you see which subject line, content, sender name and sending time performs best for your email campaigns.

Important times lie ahead

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, take care of the late Christmas gift shoppers. Create Wishlists based on what your customers were searching or buying and send targeted email campaigns suggesting to “buy what’s left on your wishlist.” Continue to engage your subscribers and warm them up for Christmas with Advent campaigns – include a small surprise, discount or gift in each one to build anticipation for your email offers.

We believe emailing is not the only channel useful for your business, especially during Christmas time! Join forces with advertising, public relations and customer management to work together on your fairy tale Holiday campaigns and receive results better than ever! Need a little advice? Check out our helpful Mailigen Planner Guide for flawless planning or download our Holiday Email Marketing Checklist and make sure your email meets all the requirements for a truly great campaign.

Have you checked all the boxes for a successful Holiday campaign? We have created a Holiday Email Marketing Checklist to help you plan, design and execute excellent email campaigns from Thanksgiving until Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You can tick or untick the boxes online as you complete each of the steps!

Holiday Email Marketing Ideas – From Thanksgiving to Black Friday and Cyber Monday
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