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Get Customer Feedback with Responsive Online Surveys

Your opinion matters! Although, when it comes to growing your business, your customers’ opinions matter much more. Your task is to obtain this feedback at any time and in any place. So we think the best solution for this job would be responsive online surveys.

Mailigen Responsive Online Surveys

The perfect feedback collector

Why should you survey online? There are plenty of great reasons why you should send online surveys – I’m sure you know them! But the problem with all surveys is that you have to recall them from time to time, especially if you haven’t asked your customer for feedback for some time. Here are some very good reasons to use this email marketing tool:

  • Time and money saved. As the information is gathered automatically, no manual input is needed.
  • Accuracy of information. As you don’t have to transcribe answers, you will avoid typing errors and any other potential misunderstandings.
  • Ease of analysis. You can visualize responses easily in charts and graphs, for effective conclusion making.
  • Honesty. Recipients feel safer when answering a survey anonymously, without any pressure.
  • Value for your business. The voice of your clients can be crucial when making important decisions about your company. At the very least, it can help you to be a step ahead of your competitors.
  • Help with content making and the entire marketing strategy. You can use the information gathered to write engaging blog articles and reports, or tailor special offers to your customers.

 And now let me introduce you to the BEST in online surveys!

The next level of surveying

We have totally rebuilt our online surveys and raised them to the next level. How? By following the two main trends of 2015:MOBILE OPTIMIZATION & PERSONALIZATION
Firstly, 19% of all online surveys are taken on a mobile device. Yes, one out of five respondents need a survey to be optimized for a smartphone or tablet. Without a responsive survey design, 20% of online audience will abandon the survey.
Secondly, personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. 94% of businesses state that personalization is critical to their current and future success.
We merged both trends together and created an innovative email marketing tool.

The four WOWs of Mailigen online surveys

When the team first presented to me the improved online surveys, I shouted ‘Wow!’, so I decided to call them ‘WOWs’. Let’s look at the advantages that make our surveys better than ever before!

#1 Reach your customers via mobile, tablet and desktop

All surveys made within Mailigen are responsive to all devices. This means you can easily reach your audience on mobile, tablet and desktop. Email invitations are also responsive. You can send online surveys via personalized emails to invite people to fill out your survey.

Mailigen online surveys

#2 Choose template designs from a beautiful gallery

Our designers have created a beautiful gallery. Choose the responsive survey design that best fits the survey you have planned and your company branding. Then customize it with your company’s logo, so it’s more personalized and boosts your brand awareness.

#3 Build survey questions quickly with a Drag and Drop editor

We’ve selected the most frequently used survey types and turned them into predefined templates with all the questions and answers. Customize your chosen template or build from a blank. Building online surveys is quick and easy with an intuitive Drag and Drop editor. It will save you time and make online survey building fun.

#4 Segment your database and send personalized emails

Mailigen online surveys are fully integrated with your contact list. All feedback gathered through online surveys will automatically be stored in your email database. You can create segments according to survey responses and send personalized emails to separate groups.

Build your online survey in four simple steps

Can’t wait to start building online surveys? Let’s have a look at how to build an online survey using Mailigen!
After logging into your account, go to “Surveys” at the top of the menu. Here you can choose between three options:

  • My Surveys – to see surveys you have already made
  • Survey Reports – to analyze your survey respondent feedback
  • Create New Survey – to create a completely new survey

We’ll continue with “Create New Survey”.


Eight predefined templates for the most common marketing goals
In the first step, you can create a new survey by choosing from your existing survey templates (if you have any) or predefined templates on various topics. We’ve selected the eight most commonly used among marketers:

  • Management survey
  • Customer service survey
  • Shopping habits survey
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Market research survey
  • Client survey
  • Employee motivation survey
  • Event evaluation survey

Mailigen Online Responsive Surveys 1
Alternatively, you can click on “Create Blank Survey” to build your survey from scratch.


Nine question blocks for any survey type and requirement
In the second step, you will be able to insert your company’s logo, customize the welcome page of your survey, add questions and set up survey options.
Building online surveys is easy using the Drag and Drop editor. Choose between nine different question types:

  • Single answer with radio buttons
  • Single answer with a drop down menu
  • Multiple answer to allow recipients to check several answers
  • Rate items where you can choose between “good”, “bad” and other options
  • Rank items where you can sort according to importance
  • Free response to simply type an answer in a field
  • Comment block to add comments about your question
  • Contact form to get your respondents onto your email lists. Choose the list you want them to be added to and select what type of information you want to collect (email, name, etc).
  • Page break – you can separate your survey into several pages. Moreover, you can customize the text of the buttons that will lead your respondents to the next page.

Mailigen Responsive Online Surveys 2

When you have added your questions and answers, set up your survey options. For example, insert a link that your respondents will be redirected to after finishing the survey. Choose whether the survey is available to any respondent (so you can share the link on your social media accounts or elsewhere) or only to your email list contacts.

Mailigen Responsive Online Surveys Options


Eight ready-to-use designs or your own creativity
Now let’s move to the third step to create responsive survey design!
Our designers have prepared eight ready-to-use design themes that you can choose from and customize to fit your brand identity. Alternatively, you can create your own design by choosing:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Widths and padding

Mailigen Responsive Online Surveys Design


Send email invitations to your audience
Finally, proceed to the fourth step and click “Activate Now”. Your survey is now ready to be filled out! Just remember, you can change design, but cannot make changes to the questions once it has been activated. Send online surveys via email invitations to your email list and collect your subscribers’ feedback. All data will be stored in your database, so you can create segments according to their answers and treat each group differently. For deeper information on building online surveys, go to our Knowledge Base.


Change the way you get feedback!

Your customers want to receive relevant email campaigns. To guarantee that, you have to study them. There is no simpler way to obtain information about your customers than by just asking.

Responsive online surveys are an effective email marketing tool to gather additional information about your customers, no matter which device they use. From there, it is a simple step to segmenting your database according to their responses and sending personalized emails to each of them.

Mailigen will completely change the way you get your customer feedback.

Get Customer Feedback with Responsive Online Surveys
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