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Are you looking for guest blogging opportunities? We are always on the lookout for talented writers that create awesome content.

At Mailigen, you can share your knowledge and experience to help our readers learn and improve their skills.

Our guidelines are designed to facilitate the writing process and give you the tools to make your articles world-class!

Why write for us

Besides fame and recognition as a trusted advisor on your topic, you will also get the following:

● Featured on a website that gets 100.000+ visitors per month.

● Domain Authority: 46

●A do-follow backlink to your content or website only if it is relevant to the article you submit and the audience you write for. Links to your homepage, personal name, or product page are not encouraged and will be no-follow backlinks.

● We share your post in our network – email list, Twitter, Facebook, newsletter, etc.

What to write for us

Proper topic research is where your adventure should start – check the most popular email marketing related questions at and LinkedIn groups:

● Our readers are passionate about email marketing and everything related to it.

● Our readers love useful “How to guides”, tutorials, case studies, actionable articles, and educational, problem-solving content.

● But hate overly technical posts that are complicated and hard to read, without a point of focus.

How to write for us

Just a few things to remember and make sure you follow.

● Post length: 2000+ words.

●Make sure to illustrate your post. Guide the readers with images and steps where necessary

● Image size can be up to 650px wide and you need to have the legal right to use them.

Implement storytelling to engage your audience and make the content more shareable.

● Optimize for long tail focus keyword (do proper research up front).

● Submit an author bio (1-2 lines are enough), your photo and all the images you used in the article.

● Link to at least one of our blog posts.

● Your content must be unique and actionable (contains calls to action).

● Content must be written in a professional and conversational way, using a friendly and passionate tone of voice. Imagine you are writing to a friend who wants to learn more about email marketing.

● Don’t be overly technical in your terminology – simplify your message and make it easy to understand.

● Consider using bullet lists and headers to make your content more scannable. Examples and diagrams are also great options here.

Ready to write your best content?

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Create an article our audience will love (remember: they love email marketing), and send it to us using the form below.  We are excited to hear from you!

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