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The ultimate guide to a winning email marketing strategy – Here’s what you should know!

email marketing strategy

Social media marketing is quite on trend right now. Entrepreneurs, friends and acquaintances flood our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds with frivolous messages, updates and notifications.

Seriously, when was the last time you found something you were looking for in your Facebook notifications? Updates just keep piling up and we usually just scroll through our feed in bed till sleep takes over.

Social media may be a strong platform, but most of us just use social media as an alternate getaway from boring assignments and repetitive projects at work!

When we have to exchange contact information with our business associates we usually do not give our social media handles. We tend to give out contact information with email ids. Emails still hold a special place in our hearts and, of course, our daily lives. From regular work to promotional offers from the likes of Amazon, we receive all the goodies on email. AOL might not send CDs in the mail anymore, but we are still grateful for the induction of email into our daily lives.

It’s the resurrection of the emails

email strategy visualization

Any marketing campaign becomes more successful with the help of good ol’ emails. The advent of new technologies is helping email marketing evolve beyond the comprehension of the past days. So unless you have a grip on the basics of email marketing, you cannot move further with innovations that will help you reach out to the millions with your brand message.

We are living in the era of infobesity. Messages, tweets, posts, and advertisements are inundating our days and nights on social media. You may make the mistake of thinking that your pitch or ad is special, but in reality, it may just be another brick in the wall. You need to carve a space for yourself by using all the tools at your disposal, and that involves email as a marketing strategy. So let us begin the blow by blow introduction to email marketing strategy you are here for.

Build your email list

Can you think of one email marketing strategy that began without an email list? It’s impossible. This is the first task on your itinerary. You need to build a sizable email list before you can sit down to compose your first marketing email. Some companies use promotional offers and sign-up discounts to their visitors for gathering email addresses. You can also offer free updates and newsworthy newsletters to gather subscribers in your email list!

Giving your potential customers goodies is the best way to seal the deal. Always offer something in return of their email address. The idea is to make them believe that they are significant because they are! If you want a successful marketing campaign, you need followers. Lots of them and you can secure a loyal following by offering them free goodies (who doesn’t like free goodies?) You also need to tell them clearly about the purpose of your newsletters. For example, you should try to answer the following questions in your copy:

  • What do your customers or potential customers get after they share their email address?
  • Are you going to send spam email?
  • Will you be offering beta trials to your followers?
  • What kind of emails exactly will you be sending?
  • How often will you be sending the emails?
  • Will you be sending them great offers, special discount codes and free trial products?

We have seen that usually posting “share your email” does not get websites and entrepreneurs far enough. Consider sharing specifics of the “deal.” Your visitors are about to share a bit of personal information with you; you need to offer them something in return.

How many emails could keep the subscribers engaged?

When in doubt, think like your reader. This will help you ace the number’s game. If you have promised your followers and subscribers to send one email per week, sending one every day is going to put them off. This is why you need to be prompt about your follow-up mail. You need to send the follow-up mail as soon as you finish compiling the email address. You need to tell your subscribers what you intend to do with their email ids and explain your plans in detail. Also in this way, you will comply with GDPR, which is a big deal. Use simple words to set their expectations. From here onwards, it is simply going to be about meeting their expectations.

If you are new at this, you might find it a little difficult to understand when to pitch. Amazon does this quite well since they use a lot of fresh algorithms to understand a buyer’s likes and dislikes. They email about offers based on their recent buys and wishlists. You may not be a product seller site like Amazon at all. Therefore, your pitch and advertising needs are going to be different. You need to evaluate each of your newsletters, offers, and other emails before you send them.

Great newsletters have a generous combination of useful messages and updates. Do not just stuff your newsletter with product images and URLs. Add personalized messages that can help you further your relationship with the customer. Chubbies are a great example for this. This may not be a conventional pitch, but they are sure to help you gain dedicated visitors/readers.

Analyze and segment

visualization of analyzing and segmenting

While working with any form of marketing, you need to think about analytics. There are a lot of factors that govern the success rate of any marketing campaign. We rely on open rates and CTR to determine the success of our campaigns. These indicators are quite straightforward. For example – if your messages have a great open rate, people are receiving your messages and reading them. If you have a low CTR, people are possibly not visiting your site from the mailed URL. Email analytics always tell you what is going wrong in a campaign and what you need to change to get things moving on the right track again.

You cannot complete analytics without segmentation of your email recipients. Here are a few ways you can segment your list:

  • Persona (If you have surveyed subscriber for his persona or used some other way to get data);
  • Past purchases;
  • Interests (for example signed up from special landing page);
  • Low engagement (For these customers you will need to send re-engagement campaigns).

This will offer more targeted communication and better react with analytics. The parameters will be more specific for comparing results of campaigns.

Do you have enough data for your email marketing strategy?

Gathering details of the demographics of your subscribers, gender and age make the targeting job a lot easier. This is usually a job for database manager (DBA) to help you collect the information and organize it too. Most start-ups and new enterprises do not have the exuberant budget for an in-house team of DBAs. Do not worry! You can always ask for help. DBAs can help your company build an email list, just in case you do not have one.

Teams of remote DBAs should be able to help you compile the list. Gather for information on your subscribers and find ways to segment your list that benefits the analysis process. Database management for email marketing is not optional. Your list might be small right now, and you may not feel the need of finding professional help. However, as your enterprise grows, so will your list of subscribers. You will need to invest a lot of time in maintaining the list and running the numbers unless your export the job to remote teams of database admins.

Do not forget the autoresponder!

Some of us may have decades of experience in email marketing strategy creation, but each of us is guilty of forgetting to talk to their list at least once (unless of course there’s something to sell). This is where Autoresponders can come to the rescue. Like the hero without the cape, an autoresponder can keep in touch with your subscribers on your behalf, even when you are vacationing in Hawaii.

This has a huge benefit – when you need to announce new products or sales, you can be sure that you have already been in touch for the past month or the past six months. Always schedule your autoresponder in advance, so you know the frequency of your emails. Try to stick to the frequency you promised in your introductory newsletter. Several emails a day and you should know you are pushing your subscribers hard to hit that unsubscribe button! If you find yourself asking, “Should I be sending this mail?”, Then you should possibly refrain from sending that one! Send limited but valuable mail even when using the autoresponder.

Email marketing may sound historical, but it is one of the highest grosser in the digital marketing department. Due to the minimal infrastructural cost, it has the highest ROI. In reality, your email is one of the most valuable assets of your company. Treat it right, and you can make millions when it grows.

Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is a marketing expert. His specialization is email marketing and strategizing. His work with has earned him immortality in the world of small business digital marketing.

The ultimate guide to a winning email marketing strategy – Here’s what you should know!
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