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Email Marketing For Startups And How Can They Benefit From It

Email Marketing for Startups

Starting a business is called a venture for a very good reason. The definition of a venture is “a risky or daring journey or undertaking,” and that is a very good description of most startups. On average, more than half of all business startups fail in the first five years for a variety of reasons, mostly incompetence. You don’t have to be a sad statistic if you have a good marketing strategy that includes email marketing for startups.

You might think you should concentrate on social media as most marketing experts laud it as the “new black” in marketing, and it is true that social media is a powerful tool in marketing. You may see a considerable number of new visitors on your site as a result of your social media campaigns if you do it right. However, new visitors do not always translate into conversions, while clicking an email link does.

If you need more convincing about how business start-ups benefit from email marketing campaigns, read on.

Email marketing ROI is impressive

Email Marketing ROI

Assuming you have an awesome email marketing campaign with a click-through rate of 5% (which is pretty good by most standards), what does this mean in terms of hard cash terms? For the top performers in email marketing, they make as much as $40 for every $1 they spend on email marketing.

Why is the ROI so high? This is because you gather a lot of important information about your customer’s behavior as well as the performance of your email campaign without having to spend any more money than your subscription, which may even be free at first. It is perfectly possible to create an email marketing campaign with nothing more than a great promotional idea, a bit of creative presentation, and an email list.

Eventually, you will have to get a paid subscription as your list grows longer and your campaigns become more numerous, which is a good problem. You can earn back the money you spent on any campaign provided it is a good one.

Email puts content on center stage

Email content matters

It is hard to get that awesome article you’ve just posted on your blog to rank high enough in search engines and prominently enough on social media without paid ads, which can burn a hole through your pocket. Email gives you a shortcut to your existing subscribers by delivering a link to the content directly to their inbox, which they will click and hopefully forward to people on their contact list. In addition, you control who gets to see your content and how to tailor it to fit certain market segments. Email is a one-to-one correspondence that can be very effective in engaging your audience on a personal level, which is probably why recipients are more likely to click on a link in an email than on social media.

Email brings them back

Return visitors with email

Social media is an excellent way to improve your SEO and get people to your site. However, it doesn’t have the same effectiveness of email in incentivizing previous visitors to go back to your site, which is what you want. The number of return visitors to your site over any given period is a strong indication of the viability of your business. This tells you how the wind is blowing.
If you want people to keep coming back to your site, you need to tailor your content to give them a good reason to do so, such as special offers. According to, more than 70% of people respond better to an email promotion than those they see on social media. See, now you understand how important is email marketing for startups?

Let’s continue.

Email opens a dialogue

Email Opens a Dialogue

When you send an email to your subscriber, you can pretty much put anything in it. The most common types of content are a newsletter, a link to a new article, and an announcement for a promo or sale. You can also use email to engage your subscribers by asking them for feedback on your emails before you send more of the same, they may even offer better ideas to improve your content. You can also find out or ask them about their challenges and how you can help overcome them through polls or a questionnaire.

Asking your subscribers for their opinions and preferences can endear you to your customers, making them more likely to open emails from you. Feedback will also help you improve your email content to make it more useful to your clients, and boost your reputation as a responsive company.

Email provides measurable results

Email provides measurable results

Perhaps one of the hardest things with marketing is measuring success as it involves many factors. It isn’t always easy to see if the income is a direct result of a marketing campaign or just a coincidence. With email marketing for startups, the results are instantly and easily measured.

Different types of email marketing for startups will, of course, have varying degrees of success, depending on many factors. Analyzing the results of each campaign will help you identify which types of emails work best with your target market, and which ones are just a waste of time. Most email marketing platforms include reports on key metrics, such as open rate and click through rate, and even unsubscribes.

Conclusion of Email Marketing For Startups

Email marketing for startups is the easiest way to get repeat visitors and expand their audience. Therefore it is important to encourage visitors to register on your site so you can capture those oh-so-important emails. Even if you have just a few subscribers, you can already get started with your email marketing, so get going!

Can you think of another benefit of email marketing? Let us know in the comments below; we’d love to get your input!

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Email Marketing For Startups And How Can They Benefit From It
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