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How Mailigen and Bitrix24 CRM Complete Each Other

Mailigen is fulfilling its promise to provide an integrated email marketing experience. It has announced its latest integration with the Bitrix24 customer relationship management (CRM) system. This allows users to run email marketing activities within the Bitrix24 platform with ease and confidence.


So, you have got a lead. Good for you. The wheels of your CRM system have started to turn and you can begin converting it. Today, email marketing has become almost indispensable in nurturing leads and turning an uncertain “Maybe…” into a solid “Yes”. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit report Minding the Marketing Gap, consumers prefer email as a channel for product research. Mailigen’s latest integration will allow Bitrix24 CRM users to embrace this consumer preference and create targeted email campaigns that are based on client behavior.

Increasing Efficiency

Mailigen’s email marketing integration with Bitrix24 connects the two platforms, allowing contact lists to be synchronized and for CRM users to utilize Mailigen email marketing tools without leaving the Bitrix24 portal.

Bitrix24 users will be able to:

  • Manage contact lists;
  • Launch email marketing campaigns;
  • View statistics and evaluate campaign effectiveness;
  • Use filters for contacts, companies and leads.

This means that more time and labor will be saved, as Bitrix24 users will not have to manually download and upload the latest contact lists to send email campaigns. Furthermore, they will not have to switch between Bitrix24 customer relationship management and Mailigen systems to create email campaigns. Now, contact lists will synchronize automatically and, in three simple steps, email campaigns can be created in the Bitrix24 CRM system.

Increasing Effectiveness

In email marketing, thought-out segmentation is the rule of the game. The Bitrix24 customer relationship management system places invaluable client data at its users’ fingertips. These data can be used to create tailored email campaigns. Contact lists can be segmented, based on the source of the lead. Additionally, history can be purchased, reaching out to existing and potential clients with valuable and customized email campaigns.

In addition, campaign reports with all of the relevant metrics are now available for review in the Bitrix24 CRM system, simplifying the email campaign evaluation process.

Creating Email Campaign in Bitrix24 CRM

Integration would be worthless if it did not simplify your life. Creating email campaigns within the Bitrix24 CRM system is easy. This is how it works:

1. Log in to your Bitrix24 CRM account and select the Mailigen mailer option in the left navigation column. You will be presented with two options – view statistics or create a new mailing list. Choose to create a new mailing list.


2. The campaign creation starts! Step 1 is to select the contact list. Here, you can also segment your contacts by applying filters and make sure that the right people get your message.


3. Step 2 – write the subject line and sender’s name. Here are some tips on how to create subject and from lines that appeal to people.


4. Step 3 – select the Mailigen email template that best suits your business and campaign message.


Finally, press SEND. There, pat yourself on the back – you are all done. Now you can track your campaign results in the statistics section.

Integration – The Happily Ever After

If you are a Bitrix24 CRM user and want to be a part of this integrated email marketing experience, go to the Bitrix24 portal to download the plug-in and start enjoying all that this great (efficient! and effective!) email marketing and CRM union has to offer.

Do not forget that Mailigen has also integrated with a number of other CRM systems, as well as social networks, CMS, analytics and e-commerce platforms. These integrations can help sync and significantly streamline your marketing activities, so make sure that you check them out.

How Mailigen and Bitrix24 CRM Complete Each Other
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