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How to build email list with top social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

Social Email List Building

For companies, social media sites have long ceased to be places where only share information. A new mantra is emerging: marketing and gathering email subscribers using top social media sites! Marketers talk a lot about it. And rightly so.

Recently, MarketingSherpa presented the results of a survey on the most effective means of acquiring new subscribers. 52% find social media effective, while 10% share the opinion of social media as very effective way how to gather subscribers for newsletters.

Of course, statistics and expert opinion depends on what methods are used to do this.We have gathered ideas of how to build email subscriber list on four of the most popular social networks– Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


One of the most effective ways how you can gather new subscribers for your newsletters is adding sign-up form on company’s website, blog and Facebook page. Find out how to add Mailigen sign-up form to company’s Facebook page in this article.

In order to engage paople and get them to leave their email address, on your Facebook page, offer them some incentive, something interesting. For example, if your fans want to play a game, get a discount coupon, download a music or video file for free, they have to enter their email, which you then save in your email list.


Add auto-reply to your Twitter account in order to automatically respond to new followers with a personal message. Next to „thank you for following” phrase add link to your landing page where people can sign up for news.

Tweet regularly about signing up option describing benefits of joining your email list. Mention email-only promotions and link registration-required content, such as manuals, webinars, and other useful information.

Re-tweet contest is a great way to attract people to subscribe for newsletters. All they have to do is to re-tweet message with link to your landing page where they can subscribe for newsletters. Reward the most active ones with convenient prizes that fit the audience and your company image.


Offer sign-up option to your contacts when participating and sharing information on LinkedIn Groups. You can join the existing group or create your own to promote discussions about your company or industry.

N.B. LinkedIn especially will help you to enrich your email list with B2B contacts!


Add link to your landing page and sign-up form under the video clip. The one and the only rule – video must perfectly match the theme and motivate signing up for company’s news.

For all social media sites

Link to your landing page with sign-up form should be added to your profile information in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. Do it for both – company and private/professional profiles. And invite your colleagues to do the same. Make sure, there is a strong call to action in the landing page, so that people are really interested in signing up for your company’s newsletters.

Last thought

Gathering email subscribers with top social media sites, when done well, can lead to a big boost in results. However, when making people leave their email addresses for the above mentioned reasons, don’t forget to inform them that you will include them in your newsletter mailing list and tell them what kind of valuable information they will be receiving from you. Remember email marketing is permission marketing.

And befor starting to send your email marketing campaigns, you shoud shortly remind how they got on your list. Make sure they really want to receive news from you. Sometimes, interesting promotional campaigns attract people to subscribe regardless of interests. But your aim is to gather qualitative and active email list, isn’t it?

How to build email list with top social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
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  • Paul

    I so agree with you on your comments. There is a great “shift” to drive towards “Social Media” entering every aspect of ones life but let’s not forget how it started out….to be fun and not have any productive outcome essentially. I too am of the mindset that face to face contact in the workplace is the best method of communication for communicating effectively and precisely without the misinterpretation that often comes from written communication in the context of a social media setting.

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