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How to Create Personalized Email

Personalized Emails

Personalized email corresponding to your recipients’ needs and interests will bring you happier customers and better business results. During Mailigen Summer Lab, our email marketing expert Kriss Boritis shared with us his skill set on how to personalize email campaigns.

Personalized email marketing campaigns have better average email open rates, email click-through rates and email conversion rates, therefore, resulting in a much higher return on investor ROI.

The segment before you personalize emails

One of the most effective ways of creating personalized emails is to segment your database and send relevant content to each group. Before segmenting your email list, you have to collect additional information about your contacts. Use one or all of these 5 tactics to gather more info from your users.

Sign-up forms
You can include fields in your sign-up form which mean after completion subscribers will get separated into segments. For example, you can include a question with regard to whether a recipient wants to receive newsletters every week or month. But do not exaggerate with the length of your sign-up form.

Update profile form
To get more information about recipients’ interests, needs, habits, gender, age, location, occupation, and other data, use a profile update form available under the web sign-up form section in your Mailigen account. After people have signed up for your news by entering just a name and an email address, invite them to fill out the form to get the additional information and to send them personalized emails.

Online surveys
Get additional information about your subscribers via online surveys. With the Mailigen online surveys, you can create segments automatically according to their survey responses.

Segmentation by activity
Profit from Mailigen new segmentation features that allow you to segment your email list by email opens and email clicks. Then you will be able to send personalized emails to different groups, for example, those who haven’t opened your newsletters for a while or those who open but never click.

If people want to unsubscribe from receiving further newsletters, it’s not the end yet. After clicking on the unsubscribe button, guide them to a landing page where they can choose, for example, to receive emails less frequently or to receive information just about some topics they are interested in.

Personalize email according to your audience

Once you have segmented your database, it’s important to set the goal of communication in order to create relevant emails for your target audience.

Potential customers:

  • Encourage them to make their first purchase
  • Educate about your products and services
  • Provide information about the company and industry

Existing customers:

  • Thank them for the purchase
  • Ensure support and other customer care services
  • Sell them additional products or services
  • Offer them your loyalty program
  • Ask them for feedback about your product
  • Invite them to share your info with their friends

Inactive subscribers:

Personalize email content

Address your subscribers by name
Use merge tags with the subscriber’s first name at the beginning of newsletters for more personalization. You can use merge tags also in a subject line in order to pay extra attention.

Dynamic content
If you don’t want to create several newsletters for each segment but still want to send personalized email, use the Mailigen dynamic content feature. This allows you to create multiple versions of content within one campaign. You just have to insert the dynamic content code into the email specifying the content that will be displayed in each letter. After the campaign is sent, each subscriber will open and see different content according to pre-defined conditions. Dynamic content will save both your time and resources. Moreover, not just text but also pictures can be displayed differently in each letter.

Dynamic RSS campaigns
Mailigen RSS allows your email newsletter content to be placed automatically when your email marketing campaign is sent. This feature is widely used by news portals, bloggers, online shops and others. But if you combine RSS to emails with dynamic content, you can not only automate your campaigns but also segment your database and send emails to each target group.

To sum up

Today personalized email marketing is one of the most effective methods to increase customer interest and loyalty in an age where they are burdened with information and offers. Mailigen email marketing expert Kriss Boritis recommends that you spend some time and segment your database to be able to create relevant, targeted and personalized emails that will definitely increase your email marketing ROI.

If you need any help or advice about segmentation, dynamic content or other issues on how to personalize emails, contact our team.

How to Create Personalized Email
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