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How to Improve Email Delivery to Gmail

Information technologies are growing rapidly, including webmail services. Gmail reached 425 million users in 2012, becoming the largest web-based email service in the world. As such, it is crucial for email marketers to be friends with this giant. How does the growth of Gmail affect your email marketing and what can you do to improve your email delivery?

What you should send to Gmail users

To be friends with a webmail provider like Gmail, you have to accept the way it works. Send your emails only to those subscribers who:

  • have signed up for your newsletters and who remember that they have given you their permission to do so, thereby not marking your emails as spam (if you have any doubts about this aspect, include a permission reminder at the top of your newsletter)
  • regularly open your email newsletters
  • read your email content and engage with you by clicking on links
  • think your newsletters are interesting and useful; find out what, when and how often your subscribers want to receive information from you (use online surveys to compile additional information about your customers)

How engagement affects your reputation

Newsletters sent to those who do not wish to interact with you will most likely see your emails end up in the junk folder. The more recipients mark your emails as spam, the more negative impact it will have on the reputation of:

  • links in your email campaign that are hidden in the HTML code (if you include links with a bad reputation in your email content, your emails will land in the spam folder)
  • email content referred to as “Bayesian” (if you include content with a bad reputation in your email, your emails will also end up in the spam folder)
  • our service, which will force us to suspend your Mailigen account

How domain authentication can improve delivery

To minimize possible reputation damage, I strongly recommend you to authenticate your domain.

  • If you send emails to or without domain authentication, at the top of your email newsletter, you will see “Click here to unsubscribe” link. We have made this change in order to help Gmail users to unsubscribe to unwanted emails. Otherwise, users will usually click on the spam button and make your emails land in the Gmail spam box in the future.
  • If you send emails from an authenticated domain (you can enable this feature in the first step of email campaign wizard), the link “Click here to unsubscribe” won’t be added to your newsletter. However, the big benefit is that if recipient marks your email as spam, he will be offered an option to unsubscribe. And in some cases, they will be able to unsubscribe easy because next to the sender information there will be an unsubscribe link.

Below you can see 2 examples of how the email will look in Gmail with and without domain authentication:

Email authentification

For more information about the Gmail changes, read the article from email delivery experts at Return Path. Follow our expert tips to improve your email delivery.

If you have any questions about email delivery or domain authentication, please contact our team!

How to Improve Email Delivery to Gmail
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