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How to Improve Your Email Conversion Rate

Email conversion improvement was one of the main topics at Mailigen Summer Lab. Our guest lecturer Svetlana Djomina, top email marketing expert in Russia, shared with us five great tips on how to improve your email marketing conversion rate.

Choose the best place for your sign-up form

Before focusing on email conversions, have a look at the sign-up form on your web page or blog. How effective it is and how qualitative audience does it bring to your list? Email expert Svetlana Djomina recommends using two sign-up forms with different objectives instead of one:

  • Create two different sign-up forms – one as a small form, another as a button guiding the customer to a sign-up landing page
  • Place one sign-up form at the top and another at the bottom on your site
  • Outline different benefits like signing up for monthly news and signing up for weekly promo campaigns
  • Choose the right words for your call to action. People are not interested in your news but how you can solve their problems
  • Make it simple to sign up by entering just an email address (for B2C communication) or an email address and a name (for B2B communication)
  • Decide whether the sign-up form should be visible on all web pages or just on the title page. Perhaps however it’s not the best idea to place a sign-up form on a sales page so as not to lose the focus on a purchase

If you have done your homework well and have gathered a qualitative and interested audience, make use of the following tips on email conversion rate improvement.

Increase email your open rate through a precise subject line

The subject line is the first and most important aspect that affects your email open rate. Make sure that with your subject line you have interested the readers enough to open your newsletter, but that you haven’t revealed all. To create a perfect subject line, Svetlana Djomina at the Mailigen Summer Lab proposed following the principle of three: brevity, intrigue and topicality.

The expert gave an amusing example used by iPhone that often appeared in subject lines and finally started to annoy everybody. She created a subject line stating that this email is not about an iPhone, but will definitely be worthwhile. By mentioning the topic phrase, but not actually writing about it, brought great results. Experimenting with this aspect of your email can lead you to the growth of your average email open rate!

Segment to increase your email click-through rate

The more targeted your email is, the higher the email click-through rate. As you cannot engage all subscribers with the same content, segment your email list in order to be able to deliver specific content to each group. There are several ways by which you can segment, e.g., by interests, gender, location and other criteria, for example:

  • Asking to complete a sign-up form or a profile update form
  • Inviting to fill out an online survey or vote for something
  • Adding subscription checkboxes during the purchase process

However, you should also segment by opens and clicks. Segmentation by activity will help you to understand who opens, clicks and reads your newsletters, and actually how high your email conversion rate is. Svetlana suggests reengaging with inactive subscribers by using an especially attractive subject line, and for those who never click – an outstanding offer.

Personalize content to increase email conversion rate

Your email conversion rate depends on how much your subscribers love you. Nurture this love by showing a personal attitude. We at Mailigen have written a lot about dynamic content, merge tags and others elements on how to address subscribers in a more personal way. While at Mailigen Summer Lab, email marketing expert Svetlana Djomina shared ideas on how to build more personality on the part of the sender:

  • Instead of a “no-reply” address use another like “customer-care” or “marketing” and let your clients answer your newsletter
  • Sign your newsletter as a real person with your name, position and maybe even your photo
  • If you are afraid people will get used to a certain personality that may change, create an amusing virtual personality as your company’s face
  • But it does not necessarily have to be only one personality; let your newsletter be signed by different departments depending on a topic

Carefully rethink your email and landing page design

Overcrowded with information in their inboxes, people may get confused by numerous offers. Therefore, it is better not to give too many choices to your subscribers. Emphasize one main offer in your email campaign and also in your landing page – the stronger and more concise the call to action, the better the email conversion rate.

Email conversion rate improvement is a complex and time-consuming task. By performing segmentation, using well-considered subject lines and targeted and personalized content, you will considerably grow your email open rate and email click-through rate resulting in a high email conversion rate. How do you succeed with you email conversions? Share your experience with us in comments.

How to Improve Your Email Conversion Rate
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