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How to Make the Most of Your Mailigen Affiliate Relationship

Working as an affiliate takes more than placing an ad on your website and hoping someone clicks on it. Affiliate marketing has evolved with technology and more sophisticated marketing strategies. It’s important to research and make sure you know how to attract customers. These steps will help you on your journey as an affiliate to growing a profitable transparent relationship.


One of the best rules to consider when working as an affiliate is to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Knowing your audience is imperative to gaining profits from an affiliate program. If you have an audience of real-estate professionals, make sure your affiliate links apply to them. Create content linking email marketing to their everyday profession or lives. Ensure that your affiliate content is relevant in every way to your audience.


We have created an amazingly simple and easy to use email marketing tool for our customers, and we deliver value they can’t get anywhere else for the price. Position your affiliate links in places where people interested in MARKETING TOOLS will see them. When you create content on your site mentioning the benefits of Mailigen in a true and honest tone, more people will be willing to click the links provided. This will help in your effort to refer many customers.


When deciding to start as an affiliate, it’s important you know the best spot on your site to place affiliate links. The LOCATION OF LINKS and BANNERS is essential if you want site visitors to actually click them. Determine where people tend to look on websites and start from there. Design the link in a manner that would attract someone and make them click the link. It’s also a good idea to provide multiple affiliate links throughout your website. This gives your site visitors multiple chances to click.


TRACK YOUR RESULTS every day. It’s a good idea to know who is visiting your site, where they’re visiting from and what pages are frequented. Google Analytics works well in determining all of these factors. Deciding the placement of affiliate links and how to approach endorsing links starts with tracking results. It may take a while to actually know the true trend of your site, but it’s important to keep an eye on all results.

Affiliate marketing requires engagement, consistency, tenacity and conversion strategy. Use these actionable steps to help expand your affiliate marketing relationship with Mailigen!

If you are not yet our partner, go ahead and join Mailigen affiliate program today.

How to Make the Most of Your Mailigen Affiliate Relationship
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