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How to Use Email Automation: Introducing the Date Trigger

Email automation: date trigger

Today is the day! Mailigen launched a brand new trigger that will positively change the way you automate your emails. Along with being able to add a trigger based on the subscribed list or segment updated list field, and a campaign that was opened, clicked on, or sent, you can now add a trigger based on a date.

What is the date trigger?

Date trigger allows you to send emails when a specific date occurs. This works extremely well for any kind of renewals, holidays, or even sending an offer on your subscriber’s birthday. It allows you to build your relationships and engage with your list on a deeper scale.

How do I make the date trigger work?

All you need to do to make it work is to have a field type ‘date’ added to your original subscriber’s list.

Step 1: Select the trigger type in the automation builder.
Step 2: Select a list with the date field
Step 3: Select the date field
Step 4: Choose the trigger preferences
Step 5: Choose the preferences of the automation flow
Step 6: Press “Start automation”

And you’re done!

Step by step visualization on date trigger

We also made sure you are able to start the automation at a time based on the recipient’s time zone – no more sending emails at 3 AM!

How will this benefit me?

Let’s say you’re an online retailer that wants to engage with your customers even more and improve your ROI. These could be customers that lurk on your website, but never purchase anything because they’re waiting for the right items to go on sale, or even those that are already loyal to your brand.

On the day of your subscribers birthday, they receive an email from you. It includes a heartfelt ‘happy birthday’ message and a 25% discount offer to a product they either purchased before, or wanted to purchase. Because they’re interested in your brand and the products you offer, they’ll open the email, click on it, and purchase the product.

The date trigger allows you to actively engage with your users on a personal level. You can set workflows that remind the users to renew subscription packages, licenses, insurance, and much more. We also added the option to set annual recurring emails, which allow you to send campaigns on a particular day of the month, every single year. This will allow you to send birthday messages to your subscribers and win them back with offers and discounts.

3 Date Trigger Examples to Spice Up Your Campaigns

Date trigger is important and opens new opportunities but how exactly can you use it in your automation series? Here are few ideas that could help:

Discount Birthday Coupon

Automated email example from runtastic
Runtastic offers a tempting offer not a lot of subscribers can resist. People often treat themselves on their birthdays, so giving a 20% or even a 50% discount off your product or membership can significantly boost your sales and ROI with just a simple date trigger email campaign.

Subscription Renewal

Automated email example from Bircbox
Birchbox’s renewal campaign congratulates the subscriber on being a part of their email list for 12 months. The email was sent as a reminder to renew the annual subscription and the items shown were either a sample choice the customer has previously purchased, or a product they personally love to further encourage the renewal. Simple, yet effective.

Event Promotion

Automated email example from Airbnb
Airbnb sent out a creatively segmented email to all their female subscribers who live in Spain. It was an invitation to join the Mobile World Congress and the 4YFN event. The personalized invitation is empowering and entirely segmented to fit the audience that would attend the mentioned event, making it more likely to reach the right people. The application deadline gives enough time for people to sign up and make necessary travel arrangements.

Let’s create human connections and step up the email marketing game!

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, or check out other automation triggers you can use within Mailigen’s platform.

How to Use Email Automation: Introducing the Date Trigger
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