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How to Create Best Email Content – Impress Your Subscribers!

We know that all the best gifts contain something personal. The same rule applies to email marketing. You have probably heard that segmentation and targeting are essential for crafting successful email campaigns. This article will offer you some ideas on how to make every subscriber feel special by creating the best email content.

Know Your Subscribers!

If you want to address your subscribers personally, first you have to clearly understand who you are talking to. It will help you produce perfectly tailored email content and develop your products and services in the right direction. To help you tell the right words in the right voice we have created a Buyer Persona Worksheet – download it under the article and get to know your audience!

Buyer persona worksheet

Email marketing is not only about generating instant sales. Don’t forget to send Welcome emails or say a genuine thank you to your loyal customers and business partners. Tell your VIP clients that you value their trust and offer them a special discount, early access to your big sale or a sneak peek of the new collection. Emotions and gratitude can add a human touch to your business is the key to the best email content, increase customer loyalty and strengthen their emotional ties with your company or organization.

Nurturing the bond with your subscribers is much easier with behavior-based email marketing automation. Find out how creating an automated email series can help you grow revenue and strengthen the relationship with your customers in this Infographic.

To Create The Best Email Content You Have To Get in Your Customers’ Shoes!

When communicating with your audience, ask yourself – why should they look forward to receiving your emails? One of the reasons is this – you can make their life easier by sending valuable information, practical tips, and special offers. If you understand this and get in your subscribers’ shoes, you will be able to craft offers that nobody could resist!

Some of the best email content tips that will be truly useful to your subscribers:

  • Ways to save money. Baymard research institute reports that 61% of customers leave their virtual shopping carts because the end costs (e.g., delivery, taxes, and administration fees) are too high. Consider offering cheaper or free delivery to increase sales. If you can’t give it to everyone, then offer it to your VIP subscribers.
  • Ways to save time. Use segmentation by location to address your subscribers depending on where they live or work. Tell them about a sale at their nearest store or special delivery options to their city.
  • Practical advice. Inspire your subscribers – send recipes, gift wrapping advice, home interior or gardening tips, costume ideas for holiday theme parties, etc. Include elements that connect to your business – e.g., self-made decorations with some components that can be purchased at your store.
  • Create Wishlists based on what your customers were searching or buying and send targeted email campaigns suggesting to “buy what’s left on your wishlist.” Remind your subscribers what they had picked for themselves or for their relatives.
  • Gift ideas for Holidays. Make gift suggestions based on your subscribers’ interests or wishlists that they created on your website. Gift guides are a great solution and can be tailored to customer’s gender, age, family status or other available information.

Subject Line – the Shop Window of Your Email

best email content

To stand out in your subscriber’s inbox, your subject line has to be a true click magnet. Your email body content may be incredibly beautiful and valuable, but only 10% of people will actually see it – those that feel compelled by your subject line.

Coming up with a masterful subject line is even harder than baking a perfect apple pie – there is no perfect recipe. Mailigen subject line advisor can be a great help when you are trying to comply with the best email marketing practices. Also, spending a little extra time conducting an A/B split test on the subject line will be worth it.

Here are some tips for creating appealing subject lines that generate more opens. Find more advice for writing a successful email subject line in this article.

Add icons or emoji. Highlighting your subject line with an appealing symbol can significantly increase your open rate. The more unusual the symbol, the higher its potential to attract attention. Emojis can add a splash of color and fun to your email content and subject line. However, there is no room for emojis in matter-of-fact business emails, and it is not advisable to use them too often.

  • We wish you lots of ♥
  • What will you put under the 🎄 ?

Use name or personal information. According to a research made by “Experian Marketing Services” emails with a personalized subject line have a 29% higher open rate.

  • Judy, see delicious and simple dinner recipes!

Engage your subscriber by asking a question in the subject line:

  • Frank, have you planned your next holiday already?

It is very effective to personalize the subject line according to other specific information, like geographic location:

  • List of best June events in CALGARY

Let your imagination fly and create a curious subject line! For example, a puzzling question or a mysterious reference can tempt people to open the email.

  • It all ends on July 31…
  • Which 3 books would you bring to a deserted island?

Be a Creative Email Marketer!

Very often – and especially during Holidays – your customers’ inboxes are overcrowded. Therefore, sending a traditional discount is unlikely to bring you mind-blowing results. We believe that the best email content success comes from experimenting with new approaches and learning from your mistakes. Test, learn and create increasingly better email campaigns using A/B testing tools for email subject line, email body and sending time.

Why not use a unique and compelling way to showcase your special offer? Organize a quiz or competition! Include a teaser or mystery in your email campaign that will make your subscribers click through to reveal it! You can even set up an offline event to meet your subscribers face to face. Events like this offer an attractive way to engage your subscribers, and they also help you find out valuable information about your target audience.

Our Buyer Persona Worksheet will help you follow email content best practices when talking to your audience. Create one or more customer profiles in this sheet and consult it every time you are talking to your subscribers!

Remember – behavior-based automation lets you send only relevant content to the right people in a more cost-effective way! Just prepare the email series and let it work out by itself based on automatic triggers and time delays that you specify. Create Welcome series, Upsell campaigns and Educational series that will deliver you more leads, higher ROI and a high-quality relationship with your subscribers!

How to Create Best Email Content – Impress Your Subscribers!
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