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Include Symbols in Email Subject Lines

Make your email campaigns stand out in crowded inboxes by using symbols in subject lines. We are thrilled to introduce you to Mailigen’s new feature that allows you to easily include symbols in email subject lines.

Attract attention with symbols in subject lines

Symbols in email subject lines are becoming a trendy marketing tactic. Firstly, they are great to attract attention in over-crowded inboxes and make email subscribers react. Secondly, more and more mobile devices that we use to read our emails on the go are supporting symbol display in emails.

There are several reasons why you should use symbols in subject lines:

  • Symbols beautify your email newsletters and make them stand out in the newsletter crowd
  • Visual symbols express the idea of your message more clearly and more strikingly
  • When used in subject lines, symbols replace words and thus save place for extra text
  • By using symbols in subject lines, you show your brand to be trendy and up-to-date
  • Symbols in subject lines allow you to communicate in a friendly and informal way

Choose from the most well-known symbols

Previously you could place symbols in email subject lines by copying a symbol from a website or a document and then pasting it into a subject field.

Now you can easily do it during the first step of creating a Mailigen campaign without any additional copy–paste techniques. Next to the subject line field you will see a link to the symbol gallery offering the world’s most well-known symbols. Choose one or several symbols that fit your email content. Simple, isn’t it?

Include symbols in subject lines

Test how symbols display in your email

Although more and more email clients, browsers and mobile applications support symbol display in email subject lines and text, it’s always good to test before sending a campaign with symbols in a subject line.

We did a test drive for our Valentine’s Day email campaign. We used Litmus to test how symbols in a subject line display across a range of email clients and browsers. All the most popular clients supported our subject line well: Send ❤ to your ♂ or ♀ by ✉

Here is how symbols display in different desktop email clients starting from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2013:

Symbol display in desktop email clients

And here you can see how symbols display in several web-based email clients, for example, Gmail and Yahoo:

Symbol display in web-based email clients

It is especially important that symbols also display well on mobile devices:

Symbol display on mobile devices

Symbols in Email Subject Lines

Our tests showed excellent results. However, there might be incorrect symbol display in some older email client versions, for example, Outlook 2003 or Lotus Notes. If a symbol is not supported in the email program, the recipient may see a ☐ character, a question mark or a free space. Moreover, not all symbols are supported equally within one email client. So do a test before sending an email campaign with symbols in subject lines.

According to Litmus, the email open rate increases by 10-15% if symbols are used in subject lines. Of course, the use of symbols in email subject lines will not be suitable for every email campaign. The key is smart to use at the right time! Whether it’s a funny newsletter, holiday greeting or a special promo campaign – symbols will empower your message!

Include Symbols in Email Subject Lines
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