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Increase Email Deliverability

email deliverability

You’d be amazed if you saw the spam numbers of today. About 70 per cent of all e-mail sent is spam; furthermore, there are more than 14 billion unwanted email letters sent each day and spam generates annual losses of about $20b. These numbers are the reason behind the drastic spam filtering of today, and numerous businesses have become weary about the delivery of their newsletters.

Few Tips to Increase Email Deliverability

The most secure way of reassuring email delivery is to have clients manually add you to their address book. However, it seldom happens with regular customers. It is, however, important that you mention that they should add you to your address book for the simple reason that it can save emails. Mention something among lines like ‘Add us ( to your address book in order to ensure delivery. Thank you!’ in your subscription form.

E-mail providers know about mailing lists and will allow your emails to go through unharmed if it appears that the subscriber has manually subscribed to the list.

  • Mentioning the subscriber’s name in the subject line is crucial, as personalized emails are rarely thought to be spam.
  • Among other possible things to ask, be sure to ask for the recipient’s name when he signs up.

Owners of more sizable lists have to be cautious; if numerous recipients of your emails mark your email as spam, you can start losing customer trust-and your email address can become blacklisted. Blacklisted email addresses can be automatically marked as spam by email providers and ISPs.

To avoid blacklisting…

  • be sure to provide an opt-out link;
  • send only relevant content;
  • don’t send it to people who haven’t subscribed to your list; et cetera.

However, blacklisting for newsletters is very rare and you can get your sender’s IP removed from the blacklist if you provide evidence that you only send email to your subscribers.

Increase Email Deliverability
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