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No Limits: Increase Email Delivery of Relevant Content

Do you limit your ability to deliver your email marketing messages? Many people set limits on their messages by providing weak or irrelevant content.

Providing relevant content may seem like an easy concept, but it can be a lot of work. It’s important you do the proper amount of research before sending any emails out. In order to obtain the correct information to create relevant content, it’s necessary to collect as much subscriber information as possible.

Start early on in the process:

  1. When someone subscribes to your emails, include a short questionnaire in the first email you send to them. In the questionnaire, simply ask the subscriber to answer a few questions about themselves. Gathering data from these answers allows you to customize the types of emails being sent out to subscribers. Get to know what the subscriber is looking to get out of your emails. Why did they sign up? What are their interests? As you build your campaign emails, consider each of the answers provided.
  2. Set expectations. Make sure the subscriber understands what they are going to get out of your emails. Your brand values and voice should be well represented in all emails. It’s important to set those expectations at the beginning of your email relationship. Make certain you speak to your brand in each email.

As they continue to receive your emails and stay an active email subscriber you must continue to observe their behavior. Define what emails have interested subscribers in the past and create relevant content based on those findings. Relevancy can also be tracked. Look at transactions the subscriber has made on your website. Determine their overall behavior on your website by viewing abandoned shopping carts and viewed items specific to that customer.

How to continue to send relevant content:

Eventually email subscriber activity will decrease. It’s important to keep engaging subscribers to have them stay interested.

  • First determine who has become inactive. You can look back as far as four to six months; anyone who has been inactive for this amount of time needs to be re-engaged.
  • Determine what emails these subscribers have been ignoring. Also, research that user’s profile. It’s important to try to find a cause; why did they stop engaging with your emails?
  • Once the cause has been discovered, create a message that calls those subscribers back. Make them want to be engaged in your organization again. Consider offers specific to those subscriber like an “only today” or “last chance” type of deal. Including an incentive and a call to action will hopefully get those subscribers engaged.
  • After all this effort is done and you still have inactive subscribers, take them off the list. It’s better to have a smaller list of active subscribers than a large list of inactive subscribers.
  • Once your list is clean, every six weeks determine who has, again, stopped engaging. Try another re-engagement effort.

These tips should help you improve your email marketing delivery through delivery of highly relevant content for your segmented lists. For more great trips on email marketing, check out other Mailigen resources.

No Limits: Increase Email Delivery of Relevant Content
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