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Infographic: Back to the Future with Email Optimization

Here’s something to put on your New Year’s resolution list: 2016 is the year to get your emails in lean and mean shape. The third infographic in the series on email marketing rules to follow in 2016 focuses on email optimization. Long gone are the days of hunches, myths and rules of thumb; in 2016, email optimization is based on factual data.

Every email marketer has at some point tried to apply the “golden rules” of email send-out – “send out on this day” and “send out at that time”. If the past has taught marketers anything, it’s that there is no one best time to send emails. The trick is to catch subscribers while they are online, as they will then be more likely to engage with emails that they receive. How this be done? By using send time optimization based on historical engagement. In 2016, email marketing will be all about pinpointing the best time for each individual subscriber, based on their historical engagement data.

Perfect timing is only the start. Email marketers know that the way to a good email opening rate is through a well-crafted and tested email subject line. In the past, email marketers have relied on subject line statistics to find the perfect length and wording, and using bankable words. Make 2016 the year you start using Subject Line Advisor – a data driven tool that instantly predicts the email campaign results your email subject line will deliver. Try it out now, as it is part of Mailigen’s email marketing solutions.

No rules of thumb, no hunches. In 2016, email optimization relies on past data in order to better present performance and predict the future.


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Infographic: Back to the Future with Email Optimization
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