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Infographic: Email Automation As The Future Of Lead Nurturing

Nurturing – it’s the difference between having a lead and having a client. The second infographic in our series on email marketing rules to follow in 2016 focuses on how the art of lead nurturing is being transformed through email automation.

As you may know, machines are taking over the world and email marketing is no exception. While in the past, lead nurturing had been effected via manual campaigns, today it is a task viewed best left to automated campaigns, i.e., campaigns that are sent out automatically when triggered by the specific actions or behaviors of the prospective client. Take Amazon, for example. If you browse for books on the Amazon website, after a while, you are likely to receive an email from the website with book recommendations. Yes, Amazon is an internet giant, but smaller companies can also use automation.

Why are automated campaigns considered the future for lead nurturing? Two reasons; first, they deliver relevant content to the right individual at the right time. Second, they save time and assist in the creative input of your marketing team. Check out the infographic to see how automated campaigns can make lead nurturing more effective!


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Infographic: Email Automation As The Future Of Lead Nurturing
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