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Infographic: Boost Engagement Rate with Rich Media in Email Marketing

What would you prefer to see in your inbox? A plain text email or an attractive email featuring interesting elements such as images, GIFs, cinemagraphs, or videos? I’m sure you must have voted for the later one.

When it comes to email marketing, the primary requirement is that an email should be engaging and rich media elements like audio, images, video, GIF, and cinemagraph can be used as effective tools to serve the purpose.

Most email clients and ISPs now help rich media elements to sail smoothly to the subscriber’s inbox and hence rich media is taking the email marketing world by storm.

Images in Email: Using attractive images in email helps to engage viewers more than a plain text email. Also, it lets you create a better brand identity and brings more click-through rates.

GIF in Email: A simple GIF in email boosts conversions by 49%. By using GIF, you can share enough information in a limited space and increase engagement.

Embedded Video in Email: You can showcase your brand personality by depicting it in the form of an embedded video. It also provides a better UX.

Cinemagraph in Email: A cinemagraph draws the user’s attention and it can be used to emphasize the key message of the email. It is easier to create and embed as compared to videos.

Go through EmailMonks infographic Rich Media in Email Marketing to know more about the advantages of using these rich media in your email marketing campaigns and also find out how you can overcome the limitations associated with these elements.

 Rich Media in Email Marketing

Source: Rich Media in Email Marketing

Now get out there and start using Rich Media in your email marketing campaigns! While you’re at it, hit share to help us spread this beautiful and useful Infographic.

Infographic: Boost Engagement Rate with Rich Media in Email Marketing
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