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Infographic: Visuals in Emails Are No Longer Static

What have been the best marketing emails you’ve received this year? Did they by any chance include stunning images? But what if those images moved… We’re dedicating the fourth infographic in our series on email marketing rules to follow in 2016 to visuals in emails and exploring why including video and GIFs in emails is now considered the smart choice.

Create visual emails – that’s email marketing 101. Until recently, visuals in emails were limited to static images and a smiley here and there. However, the horizon for visual content has expanded. Creating visually stunning and emotionally rich emails with the help of videos and GIF animations has never been easier. There are libraries filled with videos and GIFs just waiting to be used in email campaigns, so go on and try it out! Not just because it’s fun but because it works!

Research shows that video in email can boost email performance across the board; all the key metrics that email marketers so obsessively track tend to see an increase. Similarly, GIFs in email encourage more active subscriber engagement. Take a look at the statistics yourself!


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Infographic: Visuals in Emails Are No Longer Static
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