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Learn about Email Marketing at a Picnic!

To make our marketing environment more creative, we have started a brand new activity – learning the tips and tricks of email marketing outdoors! Continuing the monthly breakfasts with our customers, we have carried them over from the office to outside.

For the first email marketing picnic, we invited our most creative clients from Lattelecom, Lateko Lizings, G4S, Krio&Beauty, Monilaite-Thomeko, SexyStyle and others to have a discussion about email content.

When it comes to creating marketing texts, it always requires some kind of thinking outside the box, so an informal picnic seemed the best idea. During the breakfast, we shared our knowledge and experience about subject lines, calls to action and the rest of email content.

Email subject line

Subject line is the first thing you should start your campaign with. The open rate depends mainly on the success of a subject line. What should be taken into account when creating a subject line?

  • Regularly test subject lines to improve your campaign results. Split your database into several parts and send campaigns with different topics. Compare results, analyze them and use the best practice in following campaigns.
  • Mention benefits people will get by opening your newsletter. Instead of a complicated phrase, you can divide it into two smaller ones, first of all stating the problem, and then offering a solution. But make sure your subject line is no more than 56 signs.
  • Use questions, imperatives, verbs, numbers, dates and other data when writing a subject line. Special symbols will also get attention, for example, ✔+ ♥. But here you must be wary of being considered spam, so check your email for the spam score.
  • Use personalization with merge tags to increase your open rate.

Email content

If the subject line has been successful and the recipient has opened your email, the next important matter is content that does its job. The content has to persuade the recipient to take an action. What should be taken into account when creating email content?

  • Regularly test your call to action as you do with the subject line. In case you don’t split your list and don’t send several campaigns at the same time, you can at least make small changes within each CTA, compare results and include the best practice in your further campaigns.
  • Use several calls to action instead of one. Guide your customers to the landing page not only via the CTA button, but also through images and hyperlinks in the text. Of course, the call to action button has to be the most visible, but some extra elements may considerably increase your click through rate.
  • Use personalization both at the beginning and the end of the email. Address by the recipient’s name using merge tags. Write your name, position or even add your photo at the end of the newsletter.

  • Make sure your newsletters are not too cluttered, sentences are short and easy to understand, paragraphs are small, and the most important words and phrases are highlighted. Remember that the recipient will spend just a minute or only a few seconds looking through your email, so avoid long introductions and get straight to the point.

Tips, tricks, best practices, personal experience – all this was on the menu of our first email marketing picnic. Call to action was our favorite topic, so wait for a special article about it soon. But now we are starting to prepare the next Mailigen breakfast. Where? On a sunny beach? We’ll let you know.

Learn about Email Marketing at a Picnic!
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