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Magento and Mailigen Works in Tandem for E-commerce Solutions

Mailigen integration with Magento

We’ve always believed that email marketing and e-commerce are inseparable, particularly in today’s world! So we’ve created a special extension for the Magento e-commerce platform. Mailigen integration with Magento enables a two-way synchronization between your Mailigen email list and your Magento email newsletter subscriber list in order to perform common email strategy and email automation.

Why synchronize? Email marketing expands into e-commerce

As a Magento user, you should profit from all its advantages! You surely know about the growing trend of email marketing in e-commerce. An increasing number of retailers gather email addresses to convert their leads into customers. So with the future in mind, we now provide online retailers with a completely integrated marketing experience.

Customer acquisition via emails has quadrupled over the last four years, according to the E-commerce Customer Acquisition Report. Email now accounts for more than 7% of all e-commerce user acquisitions, being the second most effective acquisition channel behind search with 15.8%.

What are the benefits? Synchronization and automation

If you’re a Magento user, be sure to integrate email marketing into your communication with customers. Here’s what’s good about the Mailigen and Magento partnership.

#1 Automatic synchronization between both platforms

When users subscribe to the newsletter in Magento, they will automatically be added to the Mailigen list. You can select which Mailigen email list you want them to be added to.

#2 Common strategy and email campaigns for both lists

As your email lists are synchronized, you can use the same email strategy and send the same email campaigns. Prepare your email newsletters in the Mailigen system and send them to your Magento recipients.

#3 Two-way synchronization between both platforms

When users unsubscribe from your Magento list, they will also be removed from your Mailigen list, and vice versa, users will be removed from your Magento list when unsubscribed from your Mailigen list.

#4 Synchronization with Magento customers

Do you want to synchronize your Mailigen email list with not only Magento newsletter subscribers but the whole Magento customer list? Make use of the Zapier extension for Mailigen and Magento!

#5 Google Analytics integration

With Mailigen you can tag your emails and all links clicked with a unique Google Analytics UTM tracking code, so you can measure your email performance directly through Google Analytics for your Magento store.

How to start? In a few steps free of charge

The good news is it’s free of charge! The bad news… actually there is no bad news. The extension is really easy and quick to install and configure, so no complex actions or knowledge of programming needed.

For more detailed information, instructions and usage of this extension, visit the Mailigen Integrations page and download the Mailigen Synchronizer User Guide. Of course, you can always contact our support team and we will help.

Want more?

Email marketing and e-commerce are like best friends – they are most effective together. We hope you will fully benefit from our feature-rich synchronization. And do you know what? There is more! Since Mailigen has turned into a full-service platform for e-business, its priority is integrations and solutions for e-commerce, so please go and check out our full integration list on the Mailigen Integrations page.

Magento and Mailigen Works in Tandem for E-commerce Solutions
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