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Mailigen Brings Life-Cycle Marketing to Russia

Mailigen team has just returned from „Mailing Day 2013” the international conference on email and SMS marketing held in St. Petersburg, Russia from 19 to 20 June. At the conference, we were talking about life-cycle marketing that is a quite new business solution for Russian marketing world. entered the Russian market a couple of years ago and started working closely with our Russian partners in client acquisition. Now we’re taking a step further and bringing to Russia a new marketing concept. Andris Zigurs, our head of sales, went to „Mailing Day 2013” in order to present new concept and educate the local marketers about a complex business solution: life-cycle marketing. We asked Andris: what is it and how did we succeed in Russia?

Q: What is life-cycle email marketing?

A: Life-cycle email marketing covers the full cycle of business. Email campaigns are widely used to reach and inform users about the latest news, to persuade, sell, increase loyalty and to regularly communicate with customers.

With life-cycle marketing you will be able to:

  • grow database via sign up forms
  • automatically segment lists by survey results
  • segment lists by opens, clicks or other activities
  • personalize newsletters with dynamic content
  • set up behavioral autoresponders and RSS-to-email newsletters
  • create transactional emails
  • solve shopping cart abandonment issues
  • organize after-sales service etc.

Q: How is email marketing used in Russia?

A: Globally third-party emails are usually considered as spam, while in Russia it is a legal business. However, more and more companies become aware of its low return, so they start to prefer individual one-to-one communication. There are a lot of missed marketing opportunities in Russia because marketers are using mainly the very basic email sending options. Our goal is to inform and educate the local marketers about other more advanced email marketing tactics as well as provide them with appropriate tools and technical features.

Of course, there are also some positive examples on how the marketers perform professional email marketing. For instance, during the conference, shared their experience with email marketing. In brief, Russian market is open to high-quality email marketing, new experience and knowledge.

Q: Which email marketing issues are the most interesting for Russian marketers?

A: First of all, they are interested in segmentation. All subscribers receive the same newsletter content without any segmentation by interests or other criteria. Therefore as Russian companies usually have large databases, this is not effective and doesn’t result in long-term relationships.

Secondly, they are interested in automation possibilities to replace manual work with autoresponders, dynamic newsletter content, RSS-to-email campaigns etc.

Q: What are your further plans in Russia?

A: Taking into account the big interest from companies and individual consultants on email marketing opportunieties, we’ll continue what we’ve started here. In August month, we’re planning to organize range of workshops in St. Petersburg useful for both startups and companies which already have their databases.

The visit to Russia served also as a market research opportunity. When entering the market few years ago, email marketing had only started to develop. Gradually the situation has improved, therefore we’ve decided to open a office in St. Petersburg for our local customers.

As much as we love to share our knowledge, we love to also receive it from others. For our next event, Mailigen Summer Lab in July, we’ve invited one of the best Russian experts on email marketing campaign optimization and conversion improvement. Follow our information about the event.

Mailigen Brings Life-Cycle Marketing to Russia
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