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Mailigen Invests In New Products and Services

Mailigen has recently invested in technical feature enhancements to deliver improved platform performance and increase customer satisfaction.

The company has created a second data center, doubled their application power by increasing their app server capability and load balancing and increased infrastructure uptime to 99.9%. Additionally, Mailigen has improved their backup capabilities and databased replication system and increased their redundancy.

Focusing on customer satisfaction infrastructure development, the company has increased email output 10 times. These investments in the platform infrastructure have increased their customer satisfaction scores, primarily due to improved delivery and system stability.

CEO Janis Rose also notes,

We have added another IP range that will be brought online soon for our clients for even faster and better delivery to all ISP’s. It’s investments like these our clients don’t usually see as a product or service, but they have noticed improvements in their ability to deliver and track their email marketing campaigns.

Since the company’s founding in 2010, Mailigen has grown its user base and revenue at double digit growth year-over-year while continuing to build out an extensive feature set which include e-mail marketing and social integration capabilities, online survey development and SMS marketing options. The company’s success includes enhancements to the feature set, growth in the customer base and introduction of social media capabilities for users to more easily engage their subscribers.

Since the company was formed, Mailigen has grown from a small European-based email marketing service into an international company achieving high rates and awards from international experts like TopTenReviews and TopSeos. The company now boasts more than 820% growth and thousands of users across multiple industry verticals in 5 continents.

Mailigen Invests In New Products and Services
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