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Mailigen’s new super fresh Dashboard

Welcoming our article series on Mailigen’s newest features, we’ll start with the very basics: The New Dashboard.

The dashboard, like in most web apps, is the place where you land after you’ve logged in, and here is where magic starts to happen!

The new version introduces several significant changes to the dashboard: we have introduced a calendar and an account information panel; and we’ve put an emphasis on the knowledge base.

We’ve as well set forth a “fast-start” menu for your convenience. We have moved down the ‘last campaign report’ and ‘new subscribers’ so these fields don’t take all the attention, but if you need them, you know where to find the.

Mailigen Overview


The calendar function is a very important new feature: it allows you to add events; see scheduled and sent campaigns. An event is a kind of a “note” for you; for example, you may want to add a note in November 30th, reminding you to start preparing a “Christmas promotion”, or set notes for tasks like “weekly list cleaning”, etc.

Mailigen Calendar

Simply find the desired date, click it and then click “Add Event” in the calendar. Once you’ve written the event’s reason, click “Add event”. Pretty convenient, at least we think so.

Account Information

Mailigen Account Information

The ‘Account information’ panel keeps you in touch with your account status — just so there aren’t any nasty surprises. 🙂 Also, you can easily upgrade account and change the payment type if you click ‘Upgrade account’.

Quick links & knowledge base

Mailigen Dashboard Quicklinks

We’re particularly fond of these babies: quick links allow you to start working with just a few clicks — no more relentless digging through categories, no more wasting time finding what you need.

We think you’ll like our knowledge base with lots of instructional articles and videos, which we are adding rapidly, and a one-click ticket to the support staff is available for you if you get stuck anywhere.

You can simply type a search phrase and you’ll find everything you need in our vast knowledge base.

And as the last thing at the bottom of page you will notice wide footer with addition information that include support links, recent articles in our blog and social links to our profiles. We would like to invite you to join us on Twitter and Facebook.

We would love to hear feedback about improvements we could make to ensure that you like the new dashboard as much as we do, because the changes we do are actually meant to make your user experience better!

Mailigen’s new super fresh Dashboard
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