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Mailigen Ranks in the Top Five of TopSEOS Email Marketing Service Providers

Once again, Mailigen continues to prove their feature rich and easy to use email marketing tool ranks highly when compared to the competition. Earning a top five placement in TopSEOS reviews of email marketing service providers, Mailigen’s new ranking represents a significant milestone for this European based email marketing service provider. The ranking is indicative of the company’s focus on the cutting-edge of email marketing marketing strategies and tools for organizations of all sizes.

According to Janis Rose, CEO of the company,

the placement is significant because while no email marketing service provider can ever guarantee a top ranking in a review, the achievement proves our platform works just as well for the novice as it does for the professional marketer.

Functionality reviewed included submission interface, protocol compliance, delivery rate, analytics and support. Mailigen achieved a 90 percent overall score, scoring 18 out of 20 in all five categories. TopSEOS noted

Mailigen’s power and flexibility is based on a perceptive, user-friendly web based email marketing software which enables you to build optimized, high-impact emails with breath-taking ease.

To view the review by TopSEOS, please visit TopSEOS website.

Mailigen recently received another significant recognition on the TopTen REVIEWS of email marketing service providers.

Mailigen Ranks in the Top Five of TopSEOS Email Marketing Service Providers
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