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Mailigen Year in Review: What We Did in 2016

Wow, what a year! 2016 has been colorful and dynamic not only for the email marketing industry but also for us at Mailigen. We have gone through rebranding, added new features to our platform, broadened our horizons with new integration partners, advanced our service performance and reliability, and improved our pricing policy. And, most importantly, we have learned so much about the world! We thank you for being with us – it is a pure joy to share our year’s review and New Year’s resolution with you.

New Looks, Same Values

2016 has been so full of events and changes that in fact we could fit two years inside. The first six months were focused on re-positioning our brand. While going through changes in our design, the underlying aim was much deeper – improve our platform, making it faster and more stable. Indeed, 7th of July – the rebranding launch – can be called Mailigen’s second birthday. And of course, we celebrated it!

The relaunch was a milestone in an ongoing journey of learning, experimenting and developing the best email marketing solutions on the market. In the second part of the year, Mailigen saw significant system improvements, optimized pricing, and several new features. One of them was more detailed geo data in campaign reports and segmentation according to that. Now it is possible to target subscribers not only in a particular country, but even city. Also we were happy to welcome new team members in Mailigen international offices.

2016 was also rich with new Perk and integration partnerships, like Optimonk and SumoMe. It was our pleasure to meet some of our partners, e.g.Optimonk and Sendible face-to-face in London eCommerce Expo 2016.

We ♥ Our Customers

We have repeatedly said that email marketing is about building long-lasting relationships with your audience. We practice what we preach, and our customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. This notion inspired us to start a new tradition inside Mailigen – each team member has to help at least one customer a day. This task might seem obvious for customer support and marketing, but also development and deliverability teams are finding ways to help or give value to individual customers.

Mailigen CEO Janis Rose explains: “Family and mentorship are two of our core values. We regard our customers as a part of Mailigen family, and we are always happy to go the extra mile and solve every individual situation. Looking for ways to make helping and mentoring process more efficient we have created a real-time monitoring dashboard of our customers’ email campaigns.The aim is to inspire our team to become more involved and proactive – everyone can offer a suggestion to improve our clients’ results.”

Janis Rose continues: “This goes hand in hand with another Mailigen core value – growth. In 2017 we are planning to implement other new features that would make the bond with our customers more tangible and drive growth for all involved parties.”

Education is King

While we keep hearing the phrase “Content is king” everywhere, the influence of inbound marketing and valuable content is rapidly spreading. It is safe to state that content is no longer just a king – it is the emperor of the digital marketing world.

Marina Yemelyanova, Mailigen’s head of marketing believes that next year will bring even more conversions through content: “Content marketing was the buzzword of 2016 for a reason. Especially in our B2B sector we constantly have to look for ways to help our customers achieve their goals and develop. Here at Mailigen we have increasingly focused on educating our customers about digital marketing and helping them along all stages of their email marketing strategy. Our marketing team has enhanced our customer education plan with the focus on storytelling. We are very excited to start implementing it at the beginning of 2017.”

And again, we start with educating ourselves. This year saw the rebirth of Mailigen Skills Lab tradition – every Friday afternoon one of our team members offers a presentation to the other colleagues. Together we have learned loads not only about email marketing but also about each other and our out-of-work adventures. To grow our expertise in other business industries and digital marketing we also invite outside experts to share their business insights. For example, the most recent Skills Lab was visited by Exit-Intent Technology providersMaxTraffic.

Let’s Welcome 2017  – Year of Amazing Emails!

Email marketing experts may disagree on some things, but nobody dares to deny that segmentation and personalization are the future of email marketing. Success awaits those smart marketers who use data to craft more targeted products, services, and content within email marketing messages. To see the advantages of sending relevant emails over broadcast emails, check out this infographic.

We are true believers in the bright future of email marketing, and other industry leaders agree with us. Litmus Email Analytics report Email Marketing in 2020states that marketing emails are getting much smartertogether with our inboxes becoming more organized and relevant. Email data solutions provider ReturnPath predicts that subscriber engagement will be increasingly important for inbox placement as mailbox providers will developpersonalized algorithms for deliverability.

So let’s welcome 2017 – a year of targeted, data-driven and valuable email marketing!

What is Your New Year’s Resolution?

As we wave goodbye to 2016, we are crafting our New Year’s resolutions to become better, healthier and more prosperous people. If email marketing is one of your work instruments,you can make 2017 a rocking success – and we will do our best to help!

We are so happy that you are by our side! We hope you already have a brilliant New Year’s resolution and you are ready to live by it every single day. To help you remember and follow the resolution you made, send it to your email using the form below and save it! Here are some of the promises we made to ourselves for 2017:

  • Juris Vucans, Email Marketing Specialist. Travel and focus more on my family and friends.
  • Monta Grinberga, Customer Service Manager. Refresh my foreign language skills and maybe start learning a new language.
  • Janis Serzants, Frontend Developer. I want to become a better dancer.
  • Marina Yemelyanova, Head of Marketing. I want to make Mailigen known and loved by more people all over the world!
  • Valters Krastins, Junior Graphic Designer. I want to start going to the gym and get fit.
  • Ieva Baranova, Content Manager. I want to become less addicted to social networks and read at least ten good books.
  • Andris Apinis, Senior graphic designer. Next year I want to make all my good ideas come true. For Mailigen and my family!

Send my NewYear`s resolution to my email

Mailigen Year in Review: What We Did in 2016
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