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Managing and Delivering Your Advertising

Advertising for Mailigen on your site is easy. Here are some of the resources available to you!

Banner Ads and Icons

You can use banner ads, icons, and more all with your unique affiliate link. Those web users who come to Mailigen through your site are tracked and if they end up purchasing, you get commission. Even for repeat purchases.


Not only can you advertise on your website, but you can also use Pay Per Click opportunities and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for affiliate marketing. Pay Per Click ads will earn you a performance fee from Mailigen for more conversions.

A very popular way to advertise is through search engines like Google. Google AdWords allows you to create your own ad and choose specific keywords that will drive conversion. Your ad then appears on Google depending on search queries and keywords used by customers.

Finding the right keywords is often the hardest part because you have to anticipate what words or phrases your customer base might use. But if you find the right amount, search engine advertising has the highest click-through rate. Your Google ad will be placed in context depending on your keywords. Make a successful ad pop with competitive descriptions that grab a web surfer’s attention.

Social Integration

Mailigen has social media integration. In using the Mailigen system to send email campaigns, you will also be able to alert your Twitter and Facebook followers of new Mailigen features and updates. You can reach more customers at one time and create new conversions that will make you more money. Social media users can share your news on their own profiles which can make your campaigns visible to other people who have not necessarily subscribed to your newsletters. This provides the opportunity to drive even more traffic.

If you choose to advertise using Pay Per Click on social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, the amount of clicks and conversions you get depends on demographics. There is a wide array of customers on Facebook looking for friends but in comparison, most people on LinkedIn are professionals trying to network and obtain jobs. These are different types of demographics and you should analyze which site would get the most clicks. In social media, you usually get more impressions and views, but less actual click-throughs.

Don’t forget you can analyze which one works the best for you and then optimize your ROI by changing your bids or budget. Managing and delivering your affiliate advertising for Mailigen is all up to you. Be creative and know your customer base so that you can earn a performance fee for driving conversions. Sign up for our affiliate program!

Managing and Delivering Your Advertising
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