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Meet the Mailigen Team!

There are many reasons why March is considered one of the most magical months in the year. The spring brings warmth and brightness into the frozen world. People open their hearts and minds for new beginnings and creative ideas. Some years ago in the spring, a spark of an idea took off and shaped a company, it expanded worldwide. An idea about a modern way to communicate through email. Now this way is called MAILIGEN.

Each of you has your own unique experience with email marketing and the Mailigen team. We are looking forward to receiving reviews about our work. We like to share your experience with our platform, so write emails, call us or leave a comment on this article. We love what we are doing, and we hope you like it too.

Our team has our own story about how we came together to build Mailigen. It’s hard to believe how quickly we are growing and evolving email marketing. This week is very special for us, and to celebrate those successful years of work, we are going to stop for a moment to have a bite of our Birthday’s cake!

In just a few years, Mailigen has grown from a small European-based email marketing service into an international company achieving high rates and awards from international experts like TopTenReviews and TopSeos. Now we can boast more than 1000% growth and thousands of users in 5 continents all around the world.

Recently we returned from the prestigious exhibition of digital industries CeBIT 2012, where our latest technological achievements were presented. We shared our united platform for email and SMS, Drag’n’Drop editor, personalized email messages with dynamic RSS and many other features. You can be sure we will continue to create new tools for modern communication. If you have ideas about features we should include in our platform, please let us know it.

The biggest thanks for all achievements, of course, go to you – the customer!

Meet the MAILIGEN super team!

We’d like to introduce you to our awesome Mailigen team.

It was long before the creation of Mailigen when the idea to create a new generation of email marketing tool was born. Few years back Janis joined three-enthusiast team – Arturs, Juris and Ernests – and worked closely together to bring you this incredible marketing platform you are using today.

The two founders – Arturs and Janis – formed a strong team to focus on creating the best email marketing platform in the industry.

(From left: Andris, Arturs, Ernests, Juris U, Juris V, Martins, Liga, Andzelija, Slavik).

As our customers, you are probably the most familiar with the Mailigen client service team. “Mailigen! How can I help you?”- Your questions answered by Janis, Martins, Juris and Slavik. The client managers who help you get the most pleasant experience while using our product. For the customer service to be effective we have Andris, head of sales. (From left: Juris, Andris, Slavik, Martin)

But before sales and support – we need the platform itself, right? The largest contribution to Mailigen platform was made by Juris. He was assisted by the rest of web team (From left: Aleksandrs S, Andris, Kaspars, Janis, Arturs V, Maris, Oskars).

And here are we – Ernests and Liga – the blogger team which writes, tells and informs you about news in Mailigen and the email marketing industry trends.

Wishing you many more years of prosperity and creativity, Mailigen team!

From left: Oskars, Arturs V, Andris B, Aleksandrs S, Slavik, Janis S, Kaspars, Martin, Juris U, Juris V, Andris Z, Aleksandrs H, Ernests, Liga, Janis R, Arturs B, Andzelija, Maris.

Meet the Mailigen Team!
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