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Mobile email marketing forces mobile era

Mobile Email MarketingMobile email marketing shares the same idea as traditional email marketing. The only difference is email reading conditions. Instead of a computer screen that measures 13 to 21 inches on the diagonal, you have maybe 2 to 4 inches depending on a mobile phone. Regardless of how we measure, it is at least 10 times less. And that… changes everything.

Face the reality – mobile era
is on the top

Marketers can no longer ignore mobile email marketing. Cities become larger and fuller of traffic jams, homes in suburbs become further from jobs, everyday routes – longer. Whereas working hours stay the same. Moreover, email boxes fill up with emails faster than ever. If we check emails only on our computers, I dear to say we spend almost a half of working day or so valuable free time doing this. As a solution, we take advantage of those do-not-know-what-to-do hours on the wayhome, waiting for a flight, or stuck in a traffic jam. And this means that marketers must follow new best email practices to ensure emails are mobile-friendly.

Extreme growth of smartphones

Reading email in mobile version proceeds together with the development of devices offering this option. At the end of 2010, global measurement service comScore stated that 60.7 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in October, which showed the increase of 14% in comparison with the preceding three month period. The most popular smartphone platforms are Google Android and Apple iPhone, the control 67% of smartphone market share in the U.S., so make sure your email marketing campaign is especially mobile-friendly for those mobile phones. According to comScore, smartphone market continues to grow, and by the end of 2011, a half of U.S. population will use smartphones.

Consider importance of mCommerce

Actually, the more mobile phones develop, the less they become „phones”, meaning that actions we perform with our mobile phones are far away from call function. Let’s take, for example, mobile commerce, which is competing now with electronic commerce. The use of mobile phones is the next significant step in the evolution of the payments industry, which started with bartering system, continued with paper-based methods as cash and cheques and finally came up with electronic forms of payments. According to Sybase Mobile Commerce Guide 2011, 2 billion dollars in mobile money transactions that accured in 2009 is expected to grow ten-fold to 22 billion dollars in 2012. The guide notes that today in Europe 12 million people use their mobile phones for financial self-service transactions. But by the next year, there will be 200 million customers worldwide using mobile banking. Japan, South Korea and China will have the most costumers (41%), follewed by Western Europe (22%) and North America (12%).

Make your email mobile-friendly

Striking chiffres give unambiguous signals to marketers to rethink email marketing role in mobile world and to remake hitherto practiced email marketing campaigns. RecentReturnPath report on email reading habits announces that there has been an 81% growth in mobile email viewership in last 6 months and iPad email viewership has increased by 15% in just a few months.By studying how people read emails, marketers can better form messages to be sent to them.

Follow these rules when making your email marketing campaign mobile friendly:

  • The most important rule – be brief! This applies not only to message, but also to subject and from line.
  • Mobile email marketing requires email design optimization for mobile devices. If the design of email is set beyond the screen size or include longlinks, graphics, and images, the majority of recipients will have issues reading the email and simply delete the message.
  • Oversized messages risk being cut off halfway through, so ensure less than 12 KB per message.
  • Most text messages have 60 to 80 characters per line. Mobile platform shows 20 to 40 characters in 12 to 15 lines per screen, depending on screen width and type style.
  • Keep the width of email message between 500 to 600 pixels, for mobile devices like iPhone screen resolution is 275x190px so keep that in mind when coding the template.
  • Organize text in paragraphs for better viewing and understanding the message.
  • Add links after the main body of the message, and if there are several links,make sure they stand out from each other to easily click on the needeed one.
  • Although many mobiles are adapted for HTML, always offer a plain text option as an alternative to HTML for those mobile readers that do not support HTML.

Keep your landing page mobile-readable

Working on mobile email marketing campaigns, marketers often focus only on the mobile message, totally forgeting about the landing page. And, o dear, turns out it is not adapted for mobile readers!Landing page is crucial as the aim of mobile email marketing campaign is to visit your page and accept the offer you announce. Rule of the rules – keep your landing page simple. Tell your readers there exactly they are and what they can get there. Make sure call to action is clear and direct. And think carefully about the design of page to have enough whitespace and meaningful headlines and to be able to surf easily the page. To ascertain yourself how important is to make your site mobile-friendly, include a mobile option on your subscription or registration page. And then exlpore how many users check this option.

Include SMS marketing strategies

Organizing your perfect mobile email marketing campaign, do not stop only on mobile email. Combine strategies and include also SMS marketing elements in your campaign. SMS is still one of the most commonand easiest way to communicate on the move. Whether it is subscription to email receiving via SMS or autoresponders integrated in email sending – receiving process, take advantage of mobile devices offering multiple choice of communication.

Peak of the mobile era is not yet reached

Living in high developed and fast growing technological era, it is always tricky to balance between developing well-known system and trying to catch the right moment for the new one. The above-mentioned facts prove that the peak of mobile era is not yet reached. Mobile industries will continue to develop not only in U.S., Japan, China, and Western Europe, but also in Middle Asia, Latin America, and Africa. For example, Africa has gone from being behind most parts of the world to the leading edge of connectivity and mobile commerce technology over three years, informs Sybase mobile commerce guide. Maybe today not all your clients are email readers on mobile. But be sure, if they have bought a modern smartphone device, they do not want to see in their glamorous color-shiny screens unprofessional, carelessly written message, read, mess.

Let us know if you are using your mobile phone to read your emails, where and when does it happen most often!?

Mobile email marketing forces mobile era
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