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NEW features Mailigen v2.0

Mailigen 2.0

We are very pleased to announce system upgrade to Mailigen v2.0.

Thanks to our really hard working development team we have prepared some cool features for our users in the following version.  Even though some of you could have noticed small changes over time,  there is actually much more to it than it could seem at first glance.

Log In your account or Sign Up for a free account to test all new features.

Here is quick overview on the bunch of cool new features:

  • Mailigen API. (Application Programming Interface) offers you easy way to connect your account to other sites and services online, including your company CRM, website registration forms and much more. Expand Mailigen functionality by allowing external applications to retrieve and write data to Mailigen. You can get ready API code within your account settings API section, by logging in to your account.
  • Online Surveys. All Mailigen accounts, including FREE accounts, have access to the new and powerful online survey platform. Fully customizable, quick to set up and fast to deploy questionnaires to your clients, coworkers and public. No software to install, surveys are built in your Mailigen account for no extra cost. You can choose survey templates or build your own fully personalized questionnaire and send it via email or post a link on your website or Twitter, Facebook where people can participate, or even better you can embed the survey in your website. We also offer full data and reports after survey completion, that includes personalized responses and overall view on the whole campaign.
  • Advanced Web Forms. Personalize your subscriber experiences with new web form options and fully editable system emails, like: subscription confirmation and signup request. You now have more control on how will the system messages look when each new subscriber signs up. We have added few more of publicly accessible system forms that you can adjust to match your company’s style.
  • Add-ons. If you haven’t noticed already when upgrading account we have added 2 add-ons that you can use: PRO user and Addition gallery space. 1) PRO user add-on offers additional sender emails, full header and footer editing options, report export with full list of opens, clicks etc. 2) Additional gallery add-on is for clients who don’t want to or can’t delete their media files and now can store up to 100Mb of images or documents.
  • New Account Dashboard. We have also updated your Mailigen account dashboard layout and added activity calendar where you can easily see your campaigns and add notes. To get started faster with Mailigen system, most common help questions and videos have been added to dashboard as well.
  • Video Tutorials & Support Content. Starting with dashboard you will have access to tutorial videos that will help you with simple and more complex tasks in Mailigen system. We have also updated our User Manual and help / support articles. Any time you need some help just click on “Help” link at the right upper corner on your dashboard.
  • New Payment Option – Email Credits. For those who send emails less frequently we now offer email credits or pay-as-you-go plan. Email credits work just like post stamps – one email, one credit. The credit points are non expiring and move over to next month if you don’t used them up. For more information see our pricing page.
  • Social Media Integration. Today everybody is crazy about Social Media and with no exception – us too. New easy and fast social icon integration is our new key feature. If you have a social profile just add follow icons, if you want your readers to share your content you can add all different social share icons with just a click of a button and they get generated automatically. You can also automatically publish your email campaigns to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, no manual posting needed anymore.
  • Email Reports Verified by EEC. Mailigen email reports are now verified by EEC (Email Experience Council) for industry standards and measurement accuracy. Since January Mailigen is proud to be part of S.A.M.E. project, we have adopted new email report metrics and have received certified seal from EEC.

Log In your account or Sign Up for a free account to test all these new features now.

Looking to the near future – we are already planning a much sooner v3.0 upgrade with some amazing features. Just to name few: advanced & powerful autoresponders based on events and clicks; global segmentation; advanced reporting & ROI; SMS and so much more.
We will be writing more useful material on how to use the new cool features very soon, but if you want to get first hand introduction and help, just let us know.

Thank you for all your valuable support, we hope you will find all these new features useful and practical.

NEW features Mailigen v2.0
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